Wisdurm is the true form of Durmite. She is one of the three Sages and a boss in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

As Durmite, she was eaten by Bowser while inside the Giga Carrot that he was eating. After being defeated by Mario and Luigi inside Bowser, she was shrunk to a small size and ran off. They eventually found her again after discovering she was one of the sages who possessed a Star Cure. Eventually she got tired of them chasing her around and fought them, turning into Wisdurm. She was defeated, and so she turned into a butterfly and gave them the Star Cure.

She was not seen again after going through a door, not even being exhaled from Bowser along with everyone else when Fawful was destroyed. It is possible that she left through a warp pipe in the Pipe Yard, which she obviously knew about as this is where the Mario Bros. found her the second time.


Wisdurm has 1,610 HP, 48 attack, 39 defense, and 52 speed. She is not very powerful at first, in her small form swinging on a string to damage the Mario Bros., who can counter with a hammer. Once she takes enough damage, however, she will transform into Wisdurm, which looks similar to Durmite but with more differences, such as stars in her eyes and a magic rod on the tip of her tail. She attacks by creating a heart that shows the face of which brother it will attack, and then tries to fall on top of him. Mario or Luigi must hit it enough times with the hammer to break it. This is similar to Cackletta's attack in the final battle of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

She can also shoot a star beam at them, which they must jump over, but it often swings back and forth. Also, Wisdurm can use her magic wand to make Mario and Luigi switch places, in order to confuse them. She can also shrink Mario or Luigi and chase after him. She will inevitaby catch up, but if the player keeps hitting her with a hammer whenever she gets close, he can escape her. Eventually she will become small again, and the entire process repeats.