Watt is a Spark, with the appearance of a baby, and is said to be the child of Li'l Sparky. She is Mario's sixth partner in Paper Mario.

Paper MarioEdit

Watt became trapped in a lantern by the Big Lantern Ghost, but Mario defeated him and he ran off. Mario then broke the lantern with his hammer, setting Watt free, and she joined Mario's team. Together they defeated General Guy and his army of Shy Guys and rescued the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular.

Watt also helped Mario defeat Fuzzipede inside the whale, where it was extremely dark and Mario could only see if Watt was there with him.

Together they traveled through more areas until they rescued all seven Star Spirits and defeated Bowser. Afterward, Watt returned to Shy Guy's Toybox, where it is hinted that the Shy Guys are no longer evil. She also received an invitation to a party at Peach's castle.

Watt also appeared in the credits parade, on top of the Star Ship with the rest of Mario's partners.

In Super Paper Mario, Watt and the rest of Mario's partners were shown in a picture in Mario's house. Also, her Catch Card is obtainable on a floor in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.


Outside battle, Watt can illuminate dark areas. This will only happen if Mario is using Watt's ability, and the area will get dark again if he turns off the ability or switches partners. This can not only illuminate dark areas, but reveal hidden blocks as well.

In battle, Watt's techniques are:


  • Though Watt is stated to be female in Paper Mario, her catch card in Super Paper Mario seems to think she is male, saying "This guy was pretty bright for his age!"