Not even those puny Punies we captured know anything about it! And they live here!

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the X-Nauts, led by Lord Crump, were tearing apart the Great Tree in search of the Emerald Star. One of them in particular, who held the key to the Puni Elder's cell, complained about how brutal it was that they couldn't find the Crystal Star, and that not even the Punies seemed to know where it was. He thought they were looking in the wrong place, when suddenly Ms. Mowz snuck up behind him and knocked him out before taking a badge that she was looking for. Comically, he says "Um... ouch?" After Mario and his partners entered and saw Ms. Mowz, and after she kissed Mario and left through the window, the X-Naut woke up and thought Mario was the one who hit him from behind. Mario fought him as a miniboss, and defeated him. He was destroyed, leaving only the key to open the Puni Elder's cell.