The Three Little Pigheads are three pigs who work for Wario, and are fought together as a boss in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Wario assigned them to guard one of the six Golden Coins to Mario's castle, in the Mario Zone, a giant statue of Mario. Mario reached them and fought them. He defeated all three of them and got the sixth coin.

The Three Little Pigheads each live in a house hanging from the ceiling: A straw house, a wooden house, and a brick house. First, the pig in the straw house will attack Mario and roll around on the ground. To defeat him, Mario must jump on him three times, but he will get faster after each time. After the first pig is destroyed, the second pig, in the wooden house, will jump down and hop around back and forth. Mario must jump on his head three times to defeat him as well, and he gets faster each time. The third pig, in the brick house, jumps higher and is a bit harder to avoid. He must also be jumped on three times to end the battle.


  • The Three Little Pigheads are an obvious reference to the Three Little Pigs