Tatanga, the mysterious spaceman, is an evil, purple alien from an unknown planet, or star. He is the main antagonist and final boss of Super Mario Land. He does not look very threatening, but drives a powerful spaceship.

Super Mario LandEdit

Tatanga invaded Sarasa Land, hypnotized its inhabitants, and kidnapped Princess Daisy so he could marry her and become the king of Sarasa Land. Mario set out to stop him. After defeating his four generals, King Totomesu, Dragonzamasu, Hiyoihoi, and Biokinton, Mario faced Tatanga in Chai Kingdom. Tatanga appeared directly after Biokinton, but Mario defeated him nonetheless. His ship, the Pagosu, was destroyed. Tatanga was seemingly killed as well, but somehow escaped unseen.


Tatanga shoots energy balls at Mario that split into three. Mario is inside his Sky Pop and must shoot torpedoes at Tatanga to damage him. Mario must both dodge the attacks by going between them and shoot Tatanga, so when Mario avoids the attacks he should be as directly across from Tatanga as possible. Tatanga takes 40 hits before he is defeated.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsEdit

Tatanga reappeared as a boss in this game, and one of Wario's six generals, guarding the six Golden Coins required to enter Wario's Castle. It is assumed from this that Wario paid Tatanga to kidnap Daisy as a distraction so he could take over Mario's Castle and turn it into his own castle.

Mario encountered Tatanga in Stage 2 of the Space Zone, on a star whose theme song resembles that of Chai Kingdom, Tatanga's previous level. Tatanga was in a considerably weaker spaceship, but it still had a variety of weapons to fire at Mario. Nevertheless, Mario defeated Tatanga, destroying his spaceship and, apparently, Tatanga as well (when his ship disappears, he, after crying for a split second over his defeat, falls off the screen like other enemies - a traditional Mario death scene), however, though he has never been seen again, nothing has officially confirmed his death, nor denied it.


Tatanga shoots missiles and torpedoes at different altitudes, but they can be avoided by ducking. The star has little gravity, so Mario can jump and get as high in the air as he wants. He could even stay at the top of the screen, though it is difficult to get there without Tatanga hitting him. Sometimes Tatanga will dive down in his ship and attack Mario. If Tatanga is not firing too many projectiles at the time, this is an opportunity for Mario to jump, and jump on Tatanga. It takes three hits to defeat him.