Super Paper Mario is a hybrid sidesrcoller and RPG for the Wii, and the third Paper Mario game.


It is a peaceful day at Mario's Pad. Mario and Luigi decide to go to Peach's Castle. No sooner than they step outside their door that a Toad tells them that Princess Peach has been kidnapped. So, the Mario Bros. go to Bowser's Castle to defeat him and get her back. However, when they confront Bowser, he says that he was only just about to launch his attack. The evil Count Bleck appears with Peach trapped in a barrier, as he was the one who kidnapped her. He says he will execute the dark prophecy of the Dark Prognosticus to destroy all worlds. Mario attacks him, but he is protected by a barrier. Bleck knocks Mario out with a black hole attack and then captures Bowser, Luigi, and Bowser's entire army, and teleports away, leaving only the unconscious Mario.

The game skips over this next event, but it is shown near the menu screen: Bleck and his assistant, Nastasia, force Peach and Bowser to get married at the altar. Bowser has always wanted to marry Peach, but Peach refuses, and so Nastasia brainwashes her to say "I do". The wedding between Peach and Bowser creates the evil Chaos Heart, which begins the prophecy of destruction. Luigi tries to stop Bleck by attacking Bowser and the Chaos Heart, but the Chaos Heart causes an explosion at the altar. Bleck and Nastasia escape the explosion.

At Bowser's Castle, a Pixl named Tippi appears when Mario wakes up, and she takes him to the town of Flipside, which is between dimensions. There, Mario meets Merlon (again, a different Merlon from the two Mario met in the previous Paper Mario games), who shows him that The Void has opened. It appears both small and far, but will only grow and destroy everything. The Light Prognosticus was written to counter the dark one, and says that eight Pure Hearts are needed to stop the prophecy, which can only truly be stopped when the one protected by the dark power is destroyed. Mario is the hero spoken of in the prophecy. Merlon gives Mario the first Pure Heart, and Tippi leads him to a Heart Pillar to place it in. This opens up a red door on Flipside Tower. Merlon gives Mario a Return Pipe and tells him to learn a dimensional attack from his friend Bestovius, and Mario goes through the door.

At Castle Bleck, Count Bleck is talking with his minions, the big muscleman O'Chunks, the jester Dimentio, and the shapeshifter Mimi (whose true form is never seen at this time as she turns into O'Chunks, Bleck, Peach, and Bowser). Nastasia tells Bleck that there is an interdimensional interloper and possibly the hero of the prophecy. Bleck sends O'Chunks to defeat Mario, and Dimentio goes as well.

Chapter 1Edit

Mario appears in the Lineland Road, of the Linelands dimension. He meets the flip wizard Bestovius, who gives Mario the ability to flip between dimensions, switching the 2D screen to 3D and seeing enemies or items that could never be seen before. After finding new items, he eventually reaches Mount Lineland, where he finds Red the Bridgemaster trapped in the third dimension. Mario flips him back to the second dimension and he opens the bridge for him. Mario enters Yold Town and enters a dungeon where he finds Thoreau, a Pixl shaped like a hand. Old man Watchitt calls Green the Bridgemaster and tells him to open the bridge, once he sees Mario with Thoreau and realizes he is the hero of the prophecy. Mario enters Yold Desert where he encounters O'Chunks and defeats him. O'Chunks leaves, and Mario enters Yold Ruins. He eventually reaches a desert area outside where he meets the robotic dragon, Fracktail. Fracktail recognizes Mario as the hero and is about to let him pass when Dimentio appears and attacks Fracktail, causing him to malfunction and attack Mario. Mario defeats him, and he briefly returns to his senses and tells Mario to save all worlds, before he is destroyed.

Mario reaches the shrine and talks to Merlumina, Merlon's ancestor, and Mario sleeps through most of her story (similar to the first Paper Mario) before she gives him the second Pure Heart.


Count Bleck has made Mimi invincible and sent her to prepare a trap for Mario, while many of Bowser's minions are still resisting being assimilated into Bleck's forces. Peach wakes up to find a Koopa and a Hammerbro. They split up, but the Hammerbro is brainwashed by Nastasia. Peach and the Koopa reach a dead end. Nastasia brainwashes the Koopa, but before she can brainwash Peach, someone unseen mysteriously teleports her away.

With a black screen, some seemingly random dialogue is shown as a tragedy of two lovers named Timpani and Blumiere, Blumiere having taken a fall off a cliff and Timpani taking him to get better. Blumiere is of the Tribe of Darkness and Timpani is a human.

Mario returns to Flipside and tells Merlon about getting the Pure Heart. A Flip-Flop Folk appears and tells Merlon and Mario that a girl fell out of the sky. They go to investigate and see that she is Peach, who has been knocked out from the fall. Mario gets the cook, Saffron, to make some Spicy Soup to give to her, and she wakes up. Peach decides to go with Mario to help stop the prophecy, and Merlon gives them a key to Flipside Outskirts, where they find the next Heart Pillar and place the Pure Heart. An orange door appears, and Mario and Peach go through it.

Chapter 2Edit

The orange door leads to Gloam Valley, where they must find Merlee, another of the Ancients, who has the third Pure Heart. While going through Gloam Valley, Mario and Peach get another Pixl named Boomer, who is a bomb Pixl and can blow things up and damage enemies. They reach Merlee's Mansion and meet Mimi, in her original form, pretending to be Merlee's handmaid. Mario activates a trap in a room that makes a spiked ceiling lower, but flips to 3D to avoid it and gets the key to unlock a Gnaw that is tied up. The Gnaw chases off Mimi, which confuses Tippi as to why it didn't go after them instead. In the next area, Mario breaks a vase, and Mimi gives him a 1,000,000 Rubee debt. He must work it off to pay it off. He works in the generator room hitting blocks, before he gives enough Rubees to a prisoner, who tells him a code to the gerbil room, which gives him more Rubees, which he eventually gives some to another prisoner who tells him the combination to Mimi's safe (although the first time the player sees this (or if he/she uses a walkthrough) they can write it down and not go through the trouble of collecting all the Rubees). After finding the slenderizing Pixl, Slim, Mario and Peach go through an electric security wall and open Mimi's vault and get a million Rubees, and pay off the loan in full. This breaks Mimi's curse on the mansion, and she vanishes in a bizarre explosion.

In the basement of Merlee's Mansion, an apparition of Merlee appears and tells them to find her so she can help them defeat Mimi. Eventually they find Merlee, who is obviously a fake once she offers the Pure Heart in exchange for a large amount of Rubees. The real Merlee appears, again as an apparition, and Mimi resumes her original form, says she works for Count Bleck, and transforms into a spiderlike form, invincible. Mario and Peach eventually find Merlee, but then Mimi enters and turns into Merlee. The InterNed hosts a gameshow in which Mario and Peach try to guess the real Merlee. Whether or not they get it right, Mimi transforms back into her spider form. Merlee runs out the door and casts a charm to take away Mimi's invincibility, and Mario and Peach defeat her. She resumes her humanoid form and teleports away. Merlee says that there are four heroes, and that Mario and Peach are two of them. They must find the others, whom she guesses they might already know. She gives them the third Pure Heart.


Count Bleck sends Dimentio next, while Luigi meets two Goombas, who plan on betraying him if the situation looks rough, but pretend to be friends with him. They reach a dead end and one of them, Gary, is brainwashed by Nastasia. The other willingly joins forces with Bleck, and all the brainwashed minions grab Luigi as Nastasia brainwashes him.

Mario and Peach return to Flipside and tell Merlon that Merlee said there were four heroes. The Void starts to grow. Mario and Peach place the third Pure Heart in a Heart Piller and a yellow door appears. They go through it.

Chapter 3Edit

Upon arrival in the Bitlands, Tippi is captured by a geeky chameleon named Francis, who returns to his home, Fort Francis, which is nerd lair. Barry, a barrier Pixl, gives them three hints for getting to Fort Francis, but doesn't come with them. After jumping into a hole that leads to an underground cavern reminiscent of World 1-2 from Super Mario Bros., Mario and Peach encounter minions of Bowser. Mario blows up Bowser's castle by using Boomer on the red X (Barry's first hint). Alone of those in the castle, Bowser survives. He fights Mario one on one, but Mario defeats him. Peach asks him to help them. Bowser refuses, until Peach tells him that if the world is destroyed, he won't be able to rule it, and all his minions are serving a different evil master. So Bowser goes with them just so he can rule the world someday.

They go through the Tile Pool and meet the ground pounding Pixl, Thudley, and use his abilities to get to a spot where a giant sea monster, the Big Blooper, appears (scaring away the menacing enemies called Bittacudas). Remembering Barry's second hint, Bowser defeats the Big Blooper by breathing fire at its red tentacle. They scale the Dotwood Tree and eventually encounter Dimentio, who takes them to Dimension D. Mario, Peach, and Bowser defeat him, and he says this went exactly as he planned it. Out of sight of anyone else, he says he intends to make them face Count Bleck and defeat him when the time is right.

After following Barry's third hint and riding the red wind across the gorge, Mario, Peach, and Bowser reach Fort Francis. They rescue the hover Pixl Carrie from her imprisonment in the dungeon and find the codes to get into Francis's rooms, where they get the keys to his room. Only Francis and "totally hot babes" can enter, so Peach enters with Mario and Bowser hiding (only one character is out at a time during gameplay, the others seem to disappear, but may appear at any time during cutscenes). Francis uses a program called Swoon.exe to talk to Peach, but she eventually gets tired of this and uses Boomer on him. Francis fights Peach, Mario, and Bowser, but they defeat him and he runs off begging for mercy. Tippi is released from her imprisonment, and the fourth Pure Heart appears.


Count Bleck and Nastasia decide to send their newest minion to defeat Mario. Dimentio listens in on a conversation between Bleck and Nastasia, who wants Bleck to stop the prophecy, but won't turn against him or away from him since he saved her from something.

Mario, Peach, and Bowser return to Flipside, and Peach realizes Bowser is the third hero. Merlon says that Fort Francis was once a dwelling of the Ancients and only a powerful pulse of love and trust could break the seal on the Pure Heart. Mario places the fourth Pure Heart and goes through the green door.

Chapter 4Edit

The fourth door leads to space, where Mario, Peach, and Bowser can't breathe. Tippi teleports them back to Flipside and they go to Merlon, who says he had something like a space helmet but gave it away to a boy. They soon find him, with his goldfish, Captain Gills, getting too big for the bowl and asking them to release him, and then they can keep the bowl. After releasing the captain in an underwater area of Flipside, they keep the bowl as a helmet and enter Outer Space again. They find a hibernation capsule where an alien, Squirps, appears and says he'll lead them to the Pure Heart.

They soon reach a planet, Planet Blobule. While searching for clues about how to get to the Space Byway, they buy one, in the form of a riddle on a piece of paper, from an old man, Blappy. They take the clue to an outhouse and give it to the one inside it. He comes out, revealed to be a Pixl named Fleep who can flip dimensional rifts around and stun enemies. They use this to get a key and enter the Outer Limits. There, Squirps has Mario squeeze him into a hole in a wall to open a door, but when there are two holes, he has Mario give him some chocolate so he splits into two.

Mario, Peach, and Bowser enter the Whoa Zone, and go through its many strange rooms until they find Squirps. Although it is hinted repeatedly that he is Bleck's new minion, the real mystery man, Mr. L (who is clearly Luigi brainwashed) attacks Squirps and fights Mario and the others, but they defeat him, so he gets into his robot, called Brobot. They fight him, using Squirps's Squirp Beam and several powerups, until Brobot is destroyed and Mr. L retreats. Squirps leads them to a gold statue of his mother, the Queen of Squirpia, revealing that he is the prince called Squirp Korogaline Squirpina, and that it was his task to give the legendary heroes the Pure Heart. He hands the fifth Pure Heart over to them before seemingly dying (though if the player returns, it will be revealed that he is still alive and merely went to sleep at the end of the chapter).


Count Bleck introduces Mr. L to O'Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio. He then sends O'Chunks to fight Mario again.

Upon return to Flipside, Tippi suddenly faints, and Merlon says that she may be unable to maintain her Pixl form, telling the heroes that he found her in the gap between dimensions barely alive, and transformed her soul into a Pixl, but she lost all her memory and no one knows who she is or where she is from. Mario, Peach, and Bowser enter a mirror room that leads them to Flopside, a mirror version of Flipside that has counterparts to Flipside's inhabitants. Merlon's counterpart is Nolrem, who explains the flip-floppery to Mario. Once the fifth Pure Heart is placed in its Heart Pillar (in the same Flipside location), Mario, Peach, and Bowser return to Flipside to find Tippi has been revived, and they enter the blue door.

Chapter 5Edit

The door opens in midair in the Land of the Cragnons, and Mario, Peach, and Bowser fall, appearing to fall from the sky in front of two Cragnons who are asking their deity, the Big Rock Who Watches, for someone to help them. They take Mario, Peach, and Bowser to their elder, who explains that the Cragnons are being kidnapped by plant people that the nerd Cragnon called the Floro Sapiens. After finding out from two Floro Sapiens that their leader, King Croacus, has the Pure Heart, then destroying them both, the heroes set out to find King Croacus and rescue the Cragnons.

After completing a mechanism that requires an insane combination (that must be obtained from Jasperoid by repeatedly saying "Please", but can also be written down when heard the first time), Mario, Peach, and Bowser reach the Gap of Crag, where the Floro Sapiens disappear down a pipe that gets blocked by a giant yellow block. Mario, Peach, and Bowser set out to find three tablets, one of stone, one of fire, and one of water. On their way to getting the Stone Tablet, they are attacked by O'Chunks. Dimentio teleports them to Dimension D to fight, but O'Chunks is defeated and begs the heroes to kill him. Dimentio tells him there is a way for him to help Count Bleck, so he changes his mind and goes with Dimentio. After placing three tablets in order, the hammer Pixl, Cudge, appears. They use his power to smash the block and enter the Floro Caverns.

They meet Flint Cragley, the cragtrotter who pretended to be kidnapped and is doing a show on the Floro Caverns. His crew, Monzo and Hornfels, have wandered off, and they have the key to get them further into the caverns. Mario, Peach, and Bowser go to look for them. Going through a level that resembles World 2-1 of Super Mario Bros., they find Hornfels and Monzo, who return to Cragley. Neither has the key, but it turns out that Cragley had the key all along. He gives it to Mario to go through the door first, and they enter the next area, where Mario finds Gabbro the Cragnon and Dottie the shrinking Pixl hiding from the Floro Sapiens and the Cragnons they brainwashed with Floro Sprouts. Dottie helps Gabbro escape and joins with Mario. He uses her power to find a card key that grants him access into another room, where eventually he finds O'Chunks and Dimentio. Dimentio brainwashes O'Chunks with a Floro Sprout, turning him into O'Cabbage, but he is defeated, and the Floro Sprout is killed and falls off his head. O'Chunks returns to his senses, but his stomach growls before he can fight them, and he leaves to get something to eat.

Mario takes the Floro Sprout, which doesn't brainwash him but nonetheless grants him access through an inspection area that doesn't permit anyone without sprouts on their heads, or otherwise a Floro Sapien. Finally, Mario, Peach, and Bowser enter King Croacus's room. King Croacus is an insane flower monster with the sixth Pure Heart, and attacks them, but they defeat him, and he wilts. Four Floro Sapiens enter and explain that the Cragnons were polluting their water by tossing trash into the river, and the Floro Sapiens had to drink it, driving the king insane, and he brainwashed the Cragnons to get them to stop. Cragley hears every word and says he'll tell the other Cragnons so they won't pollute the water anymore, and the Floro Sapiens say they'll take the Floro Sprouts off the Cragnons' heads. Then they hand over the sixth Pure Heart, as it was their ancient mission to give it to the hero.


Nastasia punishes O'Chunks for his failure by making him invent a motivational song and singing it a thousand times. Mr. L finishes rebuilding Brobot, but Nastasia says that Count Bleck gave direct orders to stand by. Dimentio appears and convinces Mimi and Mr. L, who are desperate for some action, to try a sneak attack.

Mario, Peach, and Bowser place the Pure Heart in a Heart Pillar and go through the sixth door, which is a darker shade of blue.

Chapter 6Edit

The three heroes appear in Sammer's Kingdom, where The Void is gigantic and will soon consume the world. They meet a Sammer Guy named Jade Blooper, and defeat him. King Sammer says that to get the seventh Pure Heart, they must defeat all 100 of his Sammer Guys. After defeating 19 more of them, however, The Void grows bigger, and Count Bleck appears and talks to them. He mentions Timpani, saying only she mattered to him. When Tippi repeats this, Bleck seems to realize something and leaves. Rolling Thwomp, the 20th Sammer Guy, runs to go talk to King Sammer. The other Sammer Guys do not fight, saying to hurry and get to the king.

Soon they meet King Sammer, who tells them they can have the Pure Heart. However, it is a trap by Mimi, who is disguised as the king. She fights them, in her humanoid form this time. Though they defeat her, she achieved exactly what she wanted - stalling them. It isn't long before Sammer's Kingdom is destroyed. Mario, Peach, and Bowser return to Flipside somehow, with Tippi saying she knows Bleck from somewhere. The door to Sammer's Kingdom still exists, so they go through it again. All that is there is the World of Nothing, which is white, empty space. They find the Pure Heart, but it has been turned to stone by the world's destruction. Mr. L appears and steals it. He insists on leaving without a fight, but Mario challenges him, so he gets into his new robot, Brobot L-Type. The heroes defeat him, destroying Brobot. Mr. L runs off, but drops the Pure Heart, which the heroes take.


Mr. L complains that he can't show his face to Count Bleck after being beaten twice. Dimentio appears and destroys him with an exploding energy box attack.

At Castle Bleck, Nastasia informs Bleck that Mr. L and Mimi disobeyed him, and Mr. L is dead. Bleck does not seem much affected by this, wondering if Tippi was Timpani (hinting at the meaning of the cutscenes in between chapters). The usual Blumiere/Timpani cutscene shows that Blumiere's abusive father, angry at the love between him and Timpani, banished her to the gap between dimensions, though he never explicitly states this and leaves Blumiere to think she is dead.

Mario, Peach, and Bowser take the ruined Pure Heart to Merlon in the hopes that he'll know what to do, but he knows no way of fixing it. Dimentio suddenly appears, and destroys Mario, Peach, and Bowser.

Mario appears in The Underwhere, the land of ended games. A Shayde tells him that he is dead, and to talk to Queen Jaydes to hear it from her. Mario soon finds her, and she discovers the Pure Heart he has. Grambi, the king of The Overthere (Mario's equivalent to Heaven) calls Jaydes and tells her that a Nimbi named Luvbi (Jaydes's daughter) is missing. She asks Mario to find her, and takes the Pure Heart, saying she'll return it. She also says that a man in green fell into the river Twygz, and gives Mario a key for an underground door there. He soon finds Luigi, who figures that one of Bleck's minions killed him. Mario and Luigi travel together and find Luvbi. She returns to Jaydes in disgust at the idea of them being her princes. Jaydes gives Mario and Luigi the seventh Pure Heart, which she has brought back to life. She also says that they are not truly dead, as they have only been temporarily killed and are now very much alive. She sends them back to Flipside.

After reuniting with Merlon, Tippi, and the Pixls, Mario and Luigi place the Pure Heart in a Heart Pillar and a purple door appears. If the player wishes, Mario can also complete a lengthy trading sequence starting with Merlee in Flopside to get the Pixl, Piccolo.

Chapter 7Edit

The seventh door takes Mario and Luigi back to The Underwhere, much to their surprise. They talk to Jaydes, who realizes that they are the heroes of the prophecy. Luvbi is returning to The Overthere, and Jaydes asks Mario and Luigi to escort her there, as a monster escaped from its prison below The Underwhere (presumably Mario's equivalent to Hell) due to a recent earthquake, and is rampaging with its armies of the evil dead, the Skellobits. Mario, Luigi, and Luvbi travel the Underwhere Road, answering a quiz from Jaydes's guard door, Dorguy the First. They find three D-Men guarding a door that a monster is inside. They think it's the same monster that escaped its prison, but when Mario and Luigi enter, they see that it is Bowser. Bowser thinks Mario betrayed him to break him up with Peach, and fights the Mario Bros., but they defeat him and convince him they didn't know where he or Peach was. So he rejoins their team.

After answering Dorguy the Second's quiz and getting a dieting book back from a D-Man for a hag, Hagra, and fighting an Underchomp to prove to Dorguy the Third that they are worthy to go through, Mario, Bowser, and Luigi reach Overthere Stair. Luvbi taunts Tippi about being in love with Mario and Luigi. They soon find Peach, asleep from eating a golden fruit. Luvbi says there is a taboo fruit to wake her up from this sleep, otherwise she will not wake up for a hundred years. Mario finds a Black Apple and gives it to her. This is the taboo fruit and it wakes her up. She rejoins their team and all four heroes are united at last.

Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi give Cyrrus the cloud a Red Apple allowing them to bounce off him to the end of the Overthere Stair and enter The Overthere. It has been completely overrun by Skellobits, and most of the Nimbis have been frozen, but Bowser unfreezes them with his breath. Whibbi, one of the more powerful Nimbis, says that the Skellobits destroyed the Rainbow Bridge, and to restore it, they need the three orbs: Red, yellow, and green. They help Rebbi destroy some Skellobits, and he gives them the Red Orb. They find Yebbi, who is hiding from the monsters, and gives them the Yellow Orb. After unfreezing Blubi, who initially has amnesia but remembers who he is and gives them the Blue Orb, the four heroes place the three orbs in the pedestal to rebuild the Rainbow Bridge.

They cross the bridge to meet a vast army of Skellobits, but Rebbi leads an army of Nimbis to fight them, while Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi enter Grambi's room. There, Grambi is being attacked by the monster, Bonechill, leader of all the Skellobits. Bonechill says that Luvbi is the eighth Pure Heart and Grambi turned it into her to keep it from evil forces like him. Mario and the others defeat Bonechill, completely destroying him. Jaydes enters, and Luvbi asks her and Grambi if Bonechill was telling the truth. They tell her that she is indeed the Pure Heart. Eventually she reassumes her true form, as the Pure Heart, and ceases to exist as Luvbi.


Dimentio tells Count Bleck that Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi are still alive and will be at Castle Bleck before long. At this, O'Chunks and Mimi rush to their posts. Dimentio asks Bleck if the name "Blumiere" means anything to him, having heard Tippi mentioning it after placing the seventh Pure Heart. After he leaves, Nastasia tries to convince Bleck to stop the prophecy. It is now clear that Bleck is Blumiere and Tippi is Timpani. Bleck says no one can stop the prophecy and that Blumiere is dead.

The Timpani/Blumiere dialogue shows Blumiere opening the Dark Prognosticus and being transformed into Count Bleck, killing his father and destroying his home dimension.

Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi place the eighth Pure Heart in its Heart Pillar, and a black door appears on top of Flopside Tower. After one more talk with Merlon and Nolrem, the four heroes go through the door to Castle Bleck.

Chapter 8Edit

Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi go through Castle Bleck and its many obstacles and enemies, both new and brainwashed, until they meet O'Chunks. Bowser challenges him to a 1 on 1 battle, as O'Chunks has already been beaten three times. O'Chunks gets bigger, but Bowser still defeats him. He asks Bowser to kill him, but Bowser says there is no shame losing to him. The ceiling suddenly falls, but O'Chunks holds it up to save everyone and give them the chance to pass. Bowser suddenly helps him hold the ceiling up and tells Mario and Luigi to get into the next room with Peach (who, likewise, is a bit hesitant to leave Bowser there). Bowser tells O'Chunks to get to safety too, but O'Chunks argues with him that he should go instead, until the ceiling falls and seemingly crushes both.

Mario, Peach, and Luigi fall victim to Mimi's trap, disguised as Merlon, but find their way back to the room where they fell down the trapdoor. Mimi, disguised as Merlee this time, asks them what they hate (similar to what Bowser did in the first Paper Mario). If the player wishes, they can use this to fight Francis again. After they go through the three rooms facing whatever she put in there (which could be an easy enemy, a hard enemy, or a helpful item, depending on the player's choices), Mimi resumes her original form and insults Peach about having to be rescued by boys. Peach challenges Mimi to a 1 on 1 battle. Mimi turns into her spider form, but Peach defeats her. The destruction of the castle starts to spread, and Mario and Luigi escape. Peach doesn't want to leave Mimi, and soon the ground is destroyed, with Peach holding onto the edge while trying to save Mimi, but can't hold onto the edge any longer, lets go, and falls with Mimi.

Going through an even trickier interior full of Dimentio clones, Mario and Luigi finally encounter the real Dimentio, who makes them chase him through a part of each dimension they've been to. After they return to Castle Bleck, he reveals that he wants to betray Count Bleck and ensure that they defeat him, which is why he rescued Peach from being brainwashed, and why he killed all four of them to fix the broken Pure Heart and release Luigi from Nastasia's control. Tippi knows Dimentio cannot be trusted, and Mario and Luigi decline his offer. Dimentio decides to fight Luigi first, insulting his mustache. Luigi tells Mario to move forward through the castle with Tippi and all the Pixls, and defeats Dimentio. Dimentio creates an energy box around himself and Luigi, and seemingly blows them both up.

Mario, the only hero left, is convinced that Bowser, Peach, and Luigi are still alive. After going through the inner sanctum and navigating a maze of tunnels and enemies, Mario finally reaches Count Bleck. Tippi tries to convince him not to destroy all worlds and that she still loves him, but he says he'll even strike her down, and asks Nastasia to leave. Mario still can't damage Bleck because of his barrier, but suddenly Bowser, Peach, and Luigi return. It turns out Bowser fell through the floor before the ceiling could crush him, and Peach landed on Bowser when she fell. As for Luigi, Peach found him unconscious, so he survived Dimentio's attack. With all four heroes and eight Pure Hearts, Bleck's barrier is shattered, and together Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi defeat Bleck. Bleck reveals that he wants the prophecy to end, and tells them to finish him off.

Then, Dimentio shoots an energy attack at Bleck, which Nastasia jumps in front of Bleck to save him, killing her. Dimentio says that with Bleck defeated and the Pure Hearts having been destroyed to shatter his barrier, he can put his own evil plan into effect. What he really did to Luigi was plant a Floro Sprout in his unconsciousness. Luigi is brainwashed back into Mr. L, and Dimentio traps Tippi, Bleck, and Nastasia's body in Dimension D. He then uses his magic to combine with him and the Chaos Heart to form the invincible Super Dimentio. Mario, Peach, and Bowser are unable to damage him, and all worlds begin to disintegrate. It is then, that in Dimension D, O'Chunks and Mimi reappear to Tippi and Bleck, and together the four of them, having not abandoned hope, revitalize all the Pure Hearts, and Tippi takes them to Mario, which heals him and takes away Super Dimentio's invincibility. Mario, Peach, and Bowser defeat Super Dimentio, destroying his body and leaving only his head. Before dying, Dimentio leaves behind a shadow of his power to control the Chaos Heart, which is released unharmed along with Luigi.

The last shadow of Dimentio's power will be enough to ensure the end of every world, so to stop the prophecy once and for all, Bleck opens the doorway to the altar and goes through it with Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Tippi. Bleck and Tippi get married at the altar to destroy the Chaos Heart, and both vanish. The Void closes up, Sammer's Kingdom is restored, and all worlds are saved. Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia return to Flipside. Nastasia comes back to life, and Merlon arrives to meet them and say that the dark prophecy has lost all its power. Tippi and Bleck are assumed dead, but Nastasia is sure that they are both still alive and living somewhere in happiness. Everyone goes to eat some of Saffron's snacks.

After the credits roll, a shot of Timpani and Blumiere, in their original forms, shadowed, is shown on a hill, walking down. This suggests that they did indeed survive and were warped into a paradise dimension, though it may also be an unseen area of The Overthere where the dead go to.

Endless play modeEdit

A long time after saving the worlds, Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi return to Flipside from the Mushroom Kingdom, and continue to travel through the dimensions.

They defeat all 100 Sammer Guys for some rare Catch Cards. King Sammer banishes all his Sammer Guys to a vacation. The four heroes also enter both Pits of 100 Trials. At the bottom of the Flipside Pit is the evil dragon Wracktail. After he is destroyed, and they get the Pixl Dashell, they complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice, to fight Shadoo, the evil entity that assumes dark forms of Luigi, Bowser, Peach, and Mario. Once he is defeated, they get more rare catch cards, double attack power, and infinite Flip Gauge.

King Croacus, meanwhile, has been revived by the Floro Sapiens, and since the Cragnons are no longer polluting the water, he is not insane anymore and there is continued peace between Floro Sapiens and Cragnons. Luvbi has mysteriously been revived as well, while separate from the eighth Pure Heart. Mimi is now Merlee's handmaid (and practically owns the mansion, as Merlee is usually in Flopside), while O'Chunks can be found by the Heart Pillar in Flipside, and Nastasia by the same Heart Pillar in Flopside.

Mysteriously, Bowser never turns against Mario again, as he had fully intended when he joined him, despite the time that has gone by since the threat of The Void had ended. It is unknown when or why Bowser goes back to his evil ways; however, it is also possible that, despite the fact that all the Wii games have been released after this game, Super Paper Mario is the last chronologically, or else the Paper Mario games are a separate Mario universe.


The gameplay contains elements of both RPG's and sidescrollers. The levels are like Super Mario Bros., and so are the battles, except enemies have a fixed number of HP, which must be completely taken off to defeat them. The characters know various attacks using Pixls, items, or their own attacks (with Bowser able to breathe fire by pressing down, and Luigi holding down to execute a Super Jump, reaching high places and attacking any type of enemy directly above him for double damage). The player can switch characters or Pixls at the start screen. To use Pixls' abilities, the player must press 1, while to have Tippi tattle someone or something, the player must use the Wii's cursor to select whatever or whoever he/she wants to tattle.

During gameplay, only one character can be out at a time, although often all characters are out during cutscenes or dialogue.

Like the previous Paper Mario games, the game is split into eight chapters, revolving around collecting seven objects (except there are eight Pure Hearts, and Mario receives the first before the first level). The game is also in 2D, but Mario can flip to 3D by pressing A. Only Mario can do this, and he has a Flip Meter that slowly drains while in 3D. If it reaches zero, Mario takes 1 damage. Peach can glide with her parasol and use it to defend against enemy attacks, receiving no damage.

There is no FP meter or Star Power meter in this game. The action icon for going through doors or talking to characters is Up.

To play the game, the player must hold the Wii Remote sideways like an NES controller. Use of most items (aside from standard healing items) requires an action command. Stylish moves can be performed by shaking the Wii remote while finishing an enemy, which will earn the player more points.