Super Mario Land is a game released for the GameBoy. It was followed by a sequel, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.


The evil alien, Tatanga, kidnaps Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land so he can marry her and become the king of Sarasa Land, whose inhabitants are under his hypnotic spell. Mario goes through four different kingdoms to rescue her. He fights King Totomesu in Birabuto and defeats him. He finds what appears to be Daisy, but is really a common enemy transformed into a clone of her to trick Mario. In Muda, Mario defeats Dragonzamasu, in Easton he defeats Hiyoihoi, and in Chai he defeats Biokinton, after which Tatanga appears and fights Mario, but Mario defeats him, destroying his ship (and seemingly Tatanga as well, but it is revealed in the sequel that he somehow escaped). Afterward, he rescues Daisy.


The gameplay is similar to that of Super Mario Bros., except there are four worlds and three stages in each. 2-3 is an underwater level where Mario uses a submarine called the Marine Pop, which shoots torpedoes, and the similar Sky Pop is used in the sky level of 4-3. Even if he has the Super Ball powerup, Mario will revert to small Mario if damaged.

To finish the level, Mario must reach the castle. If he gets to the top door of the castle, he can play a minigame for extra lives or a powerup.


This game features new enemies that are never seen in any other Mario game, although some bear a striking resemblance to the Mushroom Kingdom enemies. For instance, Chibibos look like Goombas.



This game takes place in Sarasa Land



To other gamesEdit

  • The way King Totomesu fights and is defeated is almost identical to that of Bowser (or at least the first five fake Bowsers) in Super Mario Bros.

In other gamesEdit


  • While she has appeared in many spinoffs, this is the only mainstream appearance of Princess Daisy.
  • Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser never appear in this game. This is the first game since their debut in Super Mario Bros. where none of them have appeared. This game's sequel also does not feature them.
  • This is also the second game since Super Mario Bros. where Bowser is not the main villain, and one of the four non-RPG's since that has neither him nor Bowser Jr. as the antagonist.