The Star Spirits are seven of the most powerful Stars in Star Haven. They appeared in Paper Mario. Their names are Eldstar, Mamar, Skolar, Muskular, Misstar, Klevar, and Kalmar.

Paper MarioEdit

The Star Spirits have cared for the Star Rod since the beginning of time. However, Bowser invaded Star Haven and stole the Star Rod. He imprisoned each of the Star Spirits in a card and sent his handpicked subjects to guard each in their respective domains. The Koopa Bros. guarded Eldstar in their fortress, Tutankoopa kept Mamar in Dry Dry Ruins, Tubba Blubba watched Skolar in his castle (although he didn't do a very good job), General Guy locked Muskular in Shy Guy's Toybox, Lava Piranha imprisoned Misstar in Mt. Lavalava, Huff N. Puff held Klevar captive in Cloudy Climb, and the Crystal King guarded Kalmar at the Crystal Palace.

When Mario was defeated by Bowser and sent falling out the window, the Star Spirits found him, barely alive, and kept him alive with their power long enough for the Goombas of Goomba Village to take him to the Toad House to heal. Before he got out of bed, Mario saw Eldstar appear before him, telling him to go to Shooting Star Summit. There, the Star Spirits comminicated with him and told him everything about Bowser stealing the Star Rod and imprisoning them.

One by one, Mario defeated Bowser's minions and rescued all the Star Spirits, who used their powers to help Mario in battle. Once Mario defeated the Crystal King and set Kalmar free, they opened a path to Star Haven. Mario followed the path to the shrine of Star Haven, where the Star Spirits gave him the Star Beam to counter Bowser's Star Rod. This would also help eliminate other positive status effects of enemies. When Bowser powered up, however, the Star Beam didn't work, until Twink defeated Kammy Koopa and, along with Princess Peach, powered up the Star Spirits to upgrade the Star Beam into Peach Beam. With this new attack, Mario defeated Bowser and took the Star Rod. After Bowser's castle and machine exploded, the Star Spirits protected Mario, Peach, Mario's partners, and all the Toads imprisoned in the castle, as well as Peach's castle itself. Mario gave the Star Rod back to the Star Spirits, and they returned to Star Haven to continue to grant people's wishes.

They were also the first to appear during the nighttime portion in the credits parade.

When Mario saves a Star Spirit, his star power will go up by 1, and he will gain a new special attack, which costs star power, which will be slightly restored each turn and can be charged using Focus.

Name Ability Effect Star Power needed
Eldstar Refresh Restores 5 HP and FP to Mario 1
Mamar Lullaby Can put all enemies to sleep for several turns (some bosses may be immune) 1
Skolar Star Storm Does 7 damage to all enemies 2
Muskular Chill Out Lowers all enemies' attack by 3 for several turns 2
Misstar Smooch Restores 20 HP to Mario 3
Klevar Time Out Can stop time for all enemies for a few turns (some bosses may be immune) 2
Kalmar Up & Away Can turn all enemies into stars and blow them away from the battle (will not work on bosses) 2