The Smithy Gang is an evil organization of monsters that resemble or use weapons. They want to take over the world. Their leader is Smithy. They are the villains in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

They live in another dimension. From their factory, they sent the giant sword Exor into the Mushroom Kingdom, where he fell, shattered Star Road, and impaled Bowser's Keep. His mouth served as a portal between dimensions, and more of Smithy's minions entered through the portal and tried to take over different parts of the world.

Mack, a dagger creature, led an army of Shysters to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but was defeated by Mario and Mallow, along with his four bodyguards, however, two of them survived and informed Smithy.

Bowyer, a bow, shot Aeros to paralyze the inhabitants of Rose Town. One of them brought him the second Star Piece, but Geno fought him, and Mario and Mallow joined the battle and together they defeated him.

Eventually Bowser and Princess Peach joined Mario's team, as Bowser wanted to take his castle back from Smithy and knew that the easiest way to defeat him was to join forces with Mario, as Smithy was an enemy of both.

Yaridovich, a spear creature, took over Seaside Town and digsuised himself as its inhabitants to trick Mario and get the fifth Star Piece, however, with help from Jonathan Jones, Mario and his partners defeated him.

The Axem Rangers stole the sixth Star Piece from Barrel Volcano, but were defeated by Mario and his partners and destroyed along with their ship, Blade.

Mario and his partners then invaded Bowser's Keep and defeated Boomer, and finally Exor, using his mouth as a portal to enter the Factory. There, several Machine Made versions of Mack, Bowyer, Yaridovich, and the Axem Rangers were being created, as an army to take over the world. They fought and destroyed more of Smithy's minions, including Count Down the clock, jesters Cloaker and Domino, the Clerk, the Manager, the Director, the Factory Chief and his invention, Gunyolk, and finally Smithy himself. Smithy was in possession of the seventh Star Piece. With Smithy's destruction and the restoration of Star Road, Exor (and presumably all remaining members of Smithy's gang) dissolved into nothingness.

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