Parakarry is a Koopa Paratroopa, and a postman. He is Mario's fourth partner in Paper Mario.

Paper MarioEdit

Parakarry is the first character to physically appear in the game. In the game's beginning, he is shown dropping off an invitation at Mario's house. The invitation is for a party at Peach's Castle.

Parakarry lost several letters he was supposed to deliver, three of them on Mt. Rugged. He ran into Mario, who found the three letters for him. Parakarry joined Mario's party so he could help him find the other letters he lost. They entered Dry Dry Ruins and defeated Tutankoopa to rescue the second Star Spirit, Mamar.

Mario, Parakarry, and the others traveled through more areas of the Mushroom Kingdom until they rescued all seven Star Spirits, reached Bowser's Castle, and defeated Bowser, taking the Star Rod back from him.

Afterward, Parakarry returned to delivering letters, and was invited to a party at Peach's castle, and gave invitations to the others as well. He also received a message from Professor Kolorado's wife, calling Kolorado a "no-good husband" because she was angry at him for leaving for Crystal Palace without telling her (as he often forgets to tell her when he is about to go on an expedition), and he gave the message to Kolorado while giving Kooper his invitation.

He also appeared in the credits parade along with the rest of Mario's partners, on top of the Star Ship.


Parakarry's main ability outside battles is to lift Mario and carry him a short distance, but longer than Mario could ever jump, allowing him to cross gaps.

In battle, Parakarry's techniques are:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

Like its predecessor, Parakarry is the first character to appear in the game, and is shown dropping off a letter from Princess Peach at Mario's house.

Super Paper MarioEdit

Parakarry has a catch card obtainable in a floor of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials, and is also shown with the rest of Mario's partners in a picture at Mario's house.