Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is an RPG released for the Game Cube. It is a sequel to Paper Mario.


Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach, which says she received a Magical Map from an old merchant in Rogueport, and asks him to come find the legendary treasure that it leads to.

Prologue: A Rogue's WelcomeEdit

Mario arrives in Rogueport to see a Goomba named Goombella being attacked by a villain named Lord Crump. Mario defeats Crump, who summons an army of X-Nauts to attack Mario, but he escaped with Goombella, causing the X-Nauts to attack Crump instead. Mario and Goombella tell each other that they are looking for the legendary treasure. Toadsworth appears and tells Mario that Peach vanished. He goes to the inn, while Mario and Goombella go to see Professor Frankly, who is studying the Thousand-Year Door, the door that contains the legendary treasure. On their way, a Bandit steals half of Mario's coins. Mario finds him in his house and takes his coins back. Mario and Goombella then go to Professor Frankly's house. He says that seven Crystal Stars must be gathered together to open the Thousand-Year Door. When he sees that Mario has the map, the three of them immediately set into Rogueport Sewers to find the Thousand-Year Door. Along the way they run into three Goombas who fall in love with Goombella, but she rejects them. They attack, but Mario and Goombella defeat them, and they run off. There are more hoodlums where those three came from, and they will attack without hesitation.

Mario, Goombella, and Professor Frankly find a Black Chest, and a voice inside it says it was locked inside and Mario must find a black key to get it out. Mario finds the key and unlocks the chest, but it has a demonic spirit inside it that curses Mario, so that on certain platforms he turns into a paper airplane. This is more of an ability than a curse, and Mario uses it to reach the Thousand-Year Door. Mario holds up the map, and it shows the location of the first Crystal Star. It also gives Mario the ability to use a Special Move.

According to Professor Frankly, the map says that the Crystal Star is in Petalburg. Mario and Goombella go off in search of a pipe leading to Petalburg, and find one after defeating a Blooper.

Chapter 1: Castle and DragonEdit

Almost immediately after arriving in Petal Meadows, Mario and Goombella see a gigantic dragon fly by toward a castle in the distance. They reach Petalburg and hear from the mayor, Kroop, that the dragon, Hooktail, has the Crystal Star they are looking for. The Stone Keys leading to Hooktail Castle are guarded by a stone beast in Shhwonk Fortress. Mario and Goombella go to Shhwonk Fortress, fighting two Bald Clefts and two Bristles, until they meet the stone beast, a Thwomp, who does not fight but gives them a quiz. After answering the quiz right (or answering it wrong and defeating four Clefts) Mario enters Shhwonk Fortress and gets the two Stone Keys. On his way back he is attacked by the Gold Fuzzy, who, halfway through the battle, summons a Fuzzy Horde, but is defeated and runs off.

As Mario and Goombella head off toward Hooktail Castle, a cowardly Koopa named Koops appears and asks Mario to take him with him to fight Hooktail, as his father fought Hooktail and hasn't returned, implying Hooktail killed him, and he wants to avenge his father's death and finish what he started. His girlfriend, Koopie Koo, tries to stop him, saying that Hooktail will eat him, and eventually attacks him when she realizes he won't turn away. Mario, Goombella, and Koops place the Stone Keys and solve a puzzle hitting two switches at once to open the pipe to Hooktail Castle.

In Hooktail Castle, Koops finds a letter in a skeleton of who appears to be his father, but really is Professor Kolorado's father. It says Hooktail will use any trick to save himself from doom, and that his weakness is something that starts with "cr" and ends in "icket". They fight a Red Bones blocking the door and defeat it. While going through the castle, they find another curse chest behind a set of bars. Mario finds the key in a room where the spiked ceiling begins to lower, but he escapes with much time to spare, and opens the chest, which curses him so that he can turn skinny at will. Mario uses this ability to get more keys, and a badge that makes a sound like a cricket when Mario attacks. Mario also runs into a Little Mouser named Ms. Mowz, a badge thief who has found the badge she was looking for, and kisses Mario. Eventually Mario reaches Hooktail and fights him. Since his attacks sound like a cricket with the Attack FX R Badge, Hooktail feels faint and is weakened, allowing Mario to defeat him. Hooktail begs for mercy and makes many offers to Mario, but having been warned of this by Kolorado's father's note, Mario refuses. Hooktail eats the Toads in the Audience to restore half his HP. Mario and his partners jump into the audience and finish him off. Hooktail's final act is to cough up Koopley, Koops's father, who was eaten ten years ago and was hiding inside Hooktail inside his shell ever since. He gives Mario the Diamond Star, the first Crystal Star, which he found inside Hooktail.


Princess Peach is taken to the X-Naut Fortress before the X-Nauts' leader, Grodus, who demands to know where the Magical Map is. An X-Naut tells him that someone took the first Crystal Star from Hooktail, and from his description Peach realizes that it is Mario, and Grodus hears this and sends Lord Crump and three of his other minions, the Shadow Sirens, after Mario. In Sublevel 4 of the fortress, the doors open, so Peach goes through them into a room where the main computer, TEC, says that he wants to know more about her. Peach realizes that TEC is in love with her. He asks her to teach her about love, and Peach uses his email system to send an email to Mario.

While in the meantime, Bowser receives word from Kammy Koopa that Mario has gone to Rogueport to look for Crystal Stars. He is furious when a Magikoopa tells him that someone kidnapped Peach (as he doesn't wany anyone besides him kidnapping her), so he and Kammy Koopa set out to take her back and find the Crystal Stars.

Goombella says that each Crystal Star will point to the next, so they head back for the Thousand-Year Door. Along the way Mario receives Peach's email. They hold the Diamond Star up before the Thousand-Year Door, and the location of the next Crystal Star appears. They take it to Professor Frankly, who says it is in the Boggly Woods, and some creatures called Punies live there. Mario finds one of them, Punio, in Rogueport Sewers, and after he is sure they aren't there to eat him, he tells them that the X-Nauts took over their home, the Great Tree, and so Mario and his partners go with him to defeat the X-Nauts and take back the tree.

Chapter 2: The Great Boggly TreeEdit

Arriving in the Boggly Woods through a pipe, Mario runs into the Shadow Sirens: Beldam, Marilyn, and Vivian. Vivian has found a necklace on the ground. Beldam asks her for the sketch of Mario, but she says she never had it, and Beldam accuses her of losing it, and punishes her by taking away the necklace. They show no interest in Mario, as they don't know who he is. Mario soon reaches the Great Tree, however they see that someone has installed a door on the entrance, preventing them from getting inside. Punio knows of a secret entrance, but it is blocked by an invisible thing. He says that Madam Flurrie has the power to remove such invisible things, so they go over to her place, but she refuses to come out of her room, as she has lost her necklace. Mario and his partners remember that Shadow Sirens talking about a necklace, and as they head over to get the necklace from them, Beldam finds the sketch, as she had it all along, and they realize that Mario was the one they had previously ignored. Mario reaches them and fights them. After he defeats them, they run off, and Mario takes the necklace. He returns it to Flurrie, who kisses Mario (nearly killing him), and joins his party.

Flurrie removes the invisible thing on the secret entrance (which, ironically, is clearly labeled in flashing lights), and Punio goes through it and unlocks the door. They enter, and two X-Nauts fight them, but they defeat them. There are about 10 other Punies there, including Puniper, who says that all the other Punies have been captured, and the X-Nauts are working with the Punies' enemies, the cursed Jabbi tribe. He refuses to help Mario unless he rescues all the other Punies. So, Mario goes off in search of them, and finds them locked in cells, with the Puni Elder separated from Punio's sister Petuni and the others. He finds Ms. Mowz, having knocked out an unfortunate X-Naut and taken the badge she was looking for. Flurrie becomes a bit jealous of Ms. Mowz, who kisses Mario again. After Ms. Mowz leaves, the X-Naut wakes up. Mario defeats him, and when he dies, Mario takes the key to the Puni Elder's cell and unlocks it. The Puni Elder yells at Punio for running off, and gives him a lecture that takes several hours, at the end of which asking why Punio is there. Punio says he left to find help and they are here to rescue her and the other Punies.

They all return to the main room of the tree. Puniper still doesn't want to help Mario, but the Puni Elder yells at him, and so he and the other nine Punies join Mario's party (combined with Punio, this makes 11 Punies). The Puni Elder gives Mario the Puni Orb, which can be used at pedestals with the required number of Punies to act as a switch, such as making a pipe appear. After finding the ship and meeting up with Jabble, a young Jabbi that Punio used to get along with, and who isn't working with the X-Nauts (he joins their team, though this is completely optional by the player), they encounter 10 Jabbies. The Punies defeat them, and Mario takes the Blue Key from a chest in the next room after the Punies destroy their hive fortress.

Mario, his partners, and the Punies return to the cells and unlock the cell that the other Punies are in. Petuni gives Punio a mushroom (which dried into a Dried Shroom after she and the others were locked up), and, along with the other Punies, joins Mario's team, bringing the total up to 101. With a slight advantage in numbers, they defeat the 100 Jabbi squadron and destroy the hive fortress. Soon, Mario places the orb in a fake pedestal, which traps them in a cage. Lord Crump set up the fake pedestal and hid the pipe out of the room (which is now revealed). He searches for the Crystal Star, while Mario turns skinny to escape. In the room below, he hits a switch, and then goes to the room with the Blue Key and gets the Super Boots, increasing his jump attack and allowing him to use a stomp attack, the Spin Jump. He uses this to release the Punies from their trap, and they finally reach the bottom of the tree, where the Crystal Star is.

Mario places the Puni Orb and all the Punies gather together on the biggest pedestal, causing the second Crystal Star, the Emerald Star, to appear. Crump returns and steals it, and as revenge for escaping his trap, activates a remote time bomb detonator. Mario chases after him, but he is confronted by the Puni Elder while attempting to make his escape (strangely, when she gets bigger, he gets smaller), but before she can fight him, her back starts aching. He is about to shine his shoes with her when Mario and his partners stop him. Crump shuts down the bomb and gets into his robot, Magnus Von Grapple. The robot is not very powerful, except for its rocket fists, and Mario defeats it, destroying it. Crump and the remaining X-Nauts retreat, and with the Great Tree back to normal, the Puni Elder gives Mario the Emerald Star.


Grodus receives word of Crump's defeat, and the X-Nauts only knew of the Crystal Stars in Hooktail Castle, the Boggly Woods, and Rogueport (which they already have). While below, Peach wishes that she could dance at the Mushroom Ball again. TEC calls her in and dances with her, in the form of a projection identical to Peach. Peach sends Mario another email.

Bowser goes to Petalburg in a Super Mario Bros. style level, and thinks he sees Princess Peach in the window, but it is really a life-sized poster of a Koopa obsessed with Peach.

Mario and his partners leave the Great Tree and return to Rogueport Sewers, where they hold the Emerald Star to the Thousand-Year Door. Professor Frankly looks at the map afterwards and says that the third Crystal Star is in the floating town of Glitzville, and to get there Mario must take a blimp. The easiest way to get there is to ask the syndicate boss, Don Pianta, for it. Mario finds out from Don's rival, Ishnail (after giving him a fair amount of coins) how to see Don Pianta (though the player can avoid this if he/she already knows how). He buys a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial at the shop, and the Boo in charge asks him a question, to which he says the password, "Yellow" (though at first she asks the wrong question, "What color is your mustache?"). She opens the door for Mario, who enters Don Pianta's office and asks him for a ticket for the blimp. He explains the situation to him, and Don tells him that he'll give him the ticket if he finds his daughter, Francesca, who eloped with one of his associates, Frankie. Mario finds them both at the harbor about to take a boat somewhere. Frankie says they should stop hiding, but Francesca is against it, knowing that Don will punish them. Mario returns to Don and tells him tat they are at the harbor. Don sends the syndicate members Tony and Vinny to settle the matter "with extreme prejudice", but they enter at the last second, each begging Don not to punish the other. Don does not punish them, however, instead he tells them to leave, and approves of them getting married. He then gives Mario a blimp ticket, and Mario takes the blimp to Glitzville.

Chapter 3: Of Glitz and GloryEdit

Arriving in Glitzville, Mario enters the stadium, the Glitz Pit, and sees the champion, Rawk Hawk, win a battle, and he and his partners notice that Rawk Hawk's belt has a Crystal Star on it, so they decide to enter the Glitz Pit and become champion. They talk to the promoter, Grubba, who signs Mario up and gives him the nickname "The Great Gonzales". Mario starts in the minor league, where he meets King K, Bandy Andy, Master Crash, and Cleftor. After Mario wins five battles, King K tells him about an egg from an island to the south that Hoggle is using with hot dogs. Mario goes to the hot dog stand to find Hoggle's imported egg is jumping around away from him. The egg goes to the top of the stand and falls asleep. Mario reaches the egg with his airplane ability, and he and his partners ask Hoggle to let it go free, which he agrees, as people don't like eating eggs that jump around. The egg travels with them from now on.

Pretty soon, King K decides to retire, and is replaced by Sir Swoop. Mario soon reaches a shot at the major league, fighting the Armored Harriers, two Iron Clefts. They are impervious to damage, forcing Mario to run and lose the match. The egg hatches into a Yoshi, whom the player gets to name, and could be a different color based on how long has gone by since rescuing the egg. Mario fights the Armored Harriers again, and Yoshi defeats them by swallowing the older brother up and spitting him at the younger brother. Mario enters the major league. Rawk Hawk enters to see who has gotten to major league so quickly, but is disappointed, as Mario does not look tough to him. Mario realizes that the Crystal Star on his belt is a fake, and shortly after receives an email from a mysterious person named X, telling him to follow his instructions if he wants the Crystal Star.

In between major league battles, Mario receives emails from X, one leading him to the juice shop, where its owner gives him a Super Hammer. When Mario reaches Rank 7, the Armored Harriers suddenly attack him right after the battle, but Mario and Yoshi defeat him again. When he reaches Rank 5, Bowser attacks him, but Mario defeats him. While following X's directions, Mario hears from a conversation between Grubba and his assistant Jolene that fighters have been going missing, and King K, who was thought to have retired, is one of them. Mario also receives hate mail, though the one who sent it seems to know about the Crystal Star and is behind the missing fighters. At one point, a fan sends Mario a cake, but later he receives another cake that is poisoned (if the player avoids the cake, Shellshock will eat it). Eventually, X directs Mario to the second floor of the storage room, where he finds King K and Bandy Andy, seriously weakened. Bandy Andy warns Mario not to go near the ring when no one is around, while King K appears dead.

Mario soon reaches the title match against Rawk Hawk, but instead of taking him to the ring, the security guard locks him in another minor-league locker room. Mario removes a picture of Princess Peach and escapes into an empty major-league locker room, and eventually enters his major-league locker room through a man-eating toilet, and rushes off to the ring to fight Rawk Hawk, who reveals that he told the security guard to lock Mario in the room, and he sent him the poisoned cake, but doesn't know anything about the Crystal Stars. Mario defeats Rawk Hawk and becomes champion. In the champion's room, X sends an email telling Mario to find the ghost through the air duct, which turns out to not be a ghost but Grubba, whom Mario discovers is the one behind the missing fighters. Once Grubba leaves, Mario looks in his drawer and finds a paper related to a machine that uses the Crystal Star to suck energy from people. Grubba enters, and Mario chases after him to the arena (in which no one is around). Grubba brings out his machine, which drains power from the missing fighters to keep him young and powerful forever. He intends to do the same to Mario, and transforms into the monstrous Macho Grubba, but Mario defeats him.

Jolene enters and reveals that the first champion, Prince Mush, was her brother, and disappeared, which is why Jolene became the manager. After seeing Grubba transform, she knew what she was up against. She also reveals that she is X, and knew only Mario could defeat him. The mortally-wounded Grubba tells Jolene that he made Prince Mush disappear because he found out about the machine. But then Prince Mush reappears from the Crystal Star's power, having somehow survived (possibly kept alive from the Crystal Star's power). Jolene gives Mario the Crystal Star.


Beldam has a plan to defeat Mario, having assembled a weapon called the Superbombomb. Meanwhile, TEC has Peach disguise herself as an X-Naut and ask Grodus why he is keeping her there. Grodus refuses to tell her, but mentions that his goal is to conquer the world. Peach becomes angry at TEC when she returns, and asks what the legendary treasure is. TEC says Grodus has forbidden him to answer. Peach sends an email to Mario, telling him that Grodus wants to conquer the world.

Bowser goes to the Great Tree in search of a Crystal Star, but the Puni Elder yells at him. She later tells Bowser that Mario has the Crystal Star (though she calls him "Marty-O", much like Kroop calls him "Murphy".)

King K and Bandy Andy have their energy back, while, with Grubba gone, Jolene takes over running the Glitz Pit, and Rawk Hawk promises not to fight dirty anymore. Mario turns down the championship so he can continue his quest for the Crystal Stars. Upon return to Rogueport, Mario receives Peach's email. He holds the Gold Star before the Thousand-Year Door, and Professor Frankly says the fourth Crystal Star is in Twilight Town. Mario goes through the pipe to Twilight Town, but it rejects him. Mario talks to a man named Darkly, who says that to go through that pipe one must have something with their name written on it. He writes Mario's and his partners' names on them, and they go through the pipe.

Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell TollsEdit

Mario arrives in Twilight Town to see that the town is cursed and every time a bell rings, one of its inhabitants turns into a pig. Mayor Dour tells Mario of the curse, and that it is cast by a monster in Creepy Steeple who has the fourth Crystal Star, the Ruby Star. Mario talks to the storekeeper's wife, who says her husband was turned into a pig and tells Mario he can take anything from the storeroom, but the key is gone. Mario talks to the gatekeeper, who says he needs the mayor's permission to go through. However, the mayor is turned into a pig next. Then, the gatekeeper also turns into a pig, and therefore cannot get in Mario's way.

At Twilight Trail, Mario finds the storeroom key and a black key as well. He enters the storeroom to find a third curse chest. Mario opens it and it curses Mario to roll up into a tube whenever he wants to. Mario uses this ability to get into the forest, until he reaches Creepy Steeple. After releasing 200 Boos from a chest (in which one Boo asks Mario how many came out, and if he answers right, the Boo will give Mario an Ultra Shroom and call him a math nerd). Mario soon reaches the lair of the monster, who turns out to be a Duplighost with a tie and a party hat. Mario fights him, and halfway through he transforms into a shadow version of Mario. Mario defeats him and takes the Crystal Star, but afterward Shadow Mario takes the form of Mario, leaving Mario as a shadow, while running off with Mario's partners.

As Mario heads back to Twilight Town, the Shadow Sirens are planning an attack, but when Beldam asks Vivian for the Superbombomb, she says she never had it, as Beldam said it was too important to trust Vivian with. Beldam and Marilyn leave, with Beldam threatening to punish Vivian if she doesn't find it. Before Mario enters Twilight Town, Shadow Mario appears and says he stole Mario's name and body, and will erase him for good, but gives him a chance to guess his name. Mario is unable to (both because he doesn't know and because he is missing a letter), so Shadow Mario fights him. Neither can damage the other, so Mario runs away.

Mario finds the Superbombomb for Vivian, but it is broken. Mario tells Vivian his story. Since he can't use his name, she doesn't know he is Mario, and joins forces with him to get his name back. They encounter Shadow Mario again (who is treated like a hero in Twilight Town, as they believe him to be Mario), but once again cannot guess his name and are forced to run. Mario and Vivian go to the well in Creepy Steeple and eventually find a parrot that Shadow Mario locked up because he knew his name. While Vivian hides in the shadows with Mario, the parrot reveals that Shadow Mario's real name is Doopliss. Mario also finds the missing letter in a chest. He goes back to Twilight Town, and in the usual spot on Twilight Trail, Doopliss appears. Mario tells him his name is Doopliss, and he runs off. Mario and Vivian follow him to his room in Creepy Steeple. Doopliss brings out Mario's parnters, and they reveal to Vivian who Mario is (unaware that it is really Doopliss). Vivian seemingly terminates her alliance with Mario at this, but as Mario is fighting Doopliss and his partners, Vivian returns to Mario, the only one to ever show her kindness. Together they defeat Doopliss, restoring Mario's name and body and revealing Doopliss's true identity. Doopliss jumps out the window, but drops the Crystal Star, which Vivian gives to Mario.

Beldam and Marilyn are waiting for Vivian when they see Doopliss run by them.


Grodus is informed that the seal on the Thousand-Year Door is weakening. While on Sublevel 4, TEC calls Peach in again and gives her a quiz, revealing to her that the legendary treasure is actually a 1000-year old demon's soul, that Grodus wants to bring the demon back to life, and only the Crystal Stars can keep the demon sealed away. Peach emails Mario about this.

After hearing of a Crystal Star in Glitzville, Bowser rides his Koopa Clown Car there, but it stalls and crashes in the ocean, in another Super Mario Bros. style level. Bowser swallows a Blooper before he returns to Rogueport. Kammy Koopa has enjoyed all the festivities of Glitzville, so Bowser breathes fire at her.

Mario returns to Rogueport Sewers and receives Peach's email. He holds the Crystal Star up to get the next Crystal Star's location. They tell Professor Frankly what Peach said, and he says that this demon was defeated by four heroes, who stole the Crystal Stars from the demon, who created them, and used them to destroy the demon, but only its physical form, as its spirit could not be destroyed. So, they used the Crystal Stars to seal the demon in a shadowy maze, and seal the exit. This was a thousand years ago, and the seal on the Thousand-Year Door could only last for that long. Professor Frankly says that the fifth Crystal Star is on Keelhaul Key, an island to the south, which is cursed by ghosts.

At this point, should the player choose, Mario solves Ms. Mowz's trouble at the Trouble Center to find a hidden badge in Hooktail Castle for her, which it turns out she hid as a test, and she joins Mario's party.

Mario talks to Flavio, the richest man in Rogueport, who decides to go to Keelhaul Key to find the treasure of the pirate king, Cortez, and makes Mario his captain. Flavio has a ship, the S.S. Flavion. His crew includes some Toads and Bob-ombs, as well as a familiar-looking fat man named Four-Eyes, a one-eyed Bob-omb named Pa-Patch, and a Toad who is looking for his brother. However, their navigator ran off, so they need a new navigator. Pa-Patch says there is a legendary sailor named Admiral Bobbery in Rogueport. Mario finds Bobbery in a house, but he refuses to go to sea. Mario talks to Podley, the owner of the juice bar, and he says that Bobbery was once married to Scarlette, but while he was away at sea she died of a virus, and he blamed himself for it. He gives Mario a letter that she wrote on her deathbed and told him to give to Bobbery. Mario gives it to him, and it says to not love his love for the sea as he lost her. Bobbery decides to go to Keelhaul Key. As Mario, Flavio, Bobbery, and the others set sail, an X-Naut hides in the shadow and says that the infiltration was successful, and "X-Naut Black" is aboard the vessel.

Chapter 5: The Key to PiratesEdit

On their way to Keelhaul Key, they are attacked by the pirate ghosts, Embers, who sink their ship and take Bobbery, Four-Eyes, and the Toad that was looking for his brother. The remaining crew members are washed on the shore of Keelhaul Key, and make some huts and a shop. Flavio and Pa-Patch get in an argument, and Mario goes to stop them, when suddenly three Embers attack. Mario defeats them and goes in search of the missing crew members. He soon finds them. Bobbery tells Mario to leave with Four-Eyes and the Toad, and fights some Embers. Before he leaves, Four-Eyes warns the player not to tell Mario who he really is (as it is clear he is Lord Crump in disguise). Mario returns and destroys the Embers, but Bobbery appears to be mortally wounded, and asks Mario to get him some Chuckola Cola as his final request. Flavio tells Mario to give him something in return, and Mario gives him a coconut. Mario takes the Chuckola Cola to Bobbery, who seemingly dies, but Mario hits him with a hammer and he gets back up. Bobbery joins Mario's party.

After they return to the town, Bobbery says he saw a skull rock that seems suspicious. He also tells Flavio to come with them himself this time, to which the entire crew agrees. Noticing a hole in the skull rock where something could be placed, Mario asks Flavio for the Skull Gem and places it in there. Solving a riddle of Flavio's song, Mario stomps on the head of a red rock with a mustache three times and hits a blue rock with a mustache four times, opening a hole in the rock. Mario throws Bobbery into it and blows it up. The Skull Gem survives, so Flavio takes it and returns to the town.

Mario and his partners enter the Pirate's Grotto and hear ghostly warnings to turn back. They soon see another curse chest inside a ship, and defeat an Ember for the key. The chest, clearly rehearsing its evil speech, curses Mario into turning into a paper boat at certain docks. Mario uses this to get further into the Pirate's Grotto and rescues all the trapped Toads, with Frankie and Francesca among them. They say that Cortez is nearby and trapped them on the raft.

Mario and his partners find Cortez's ship, the Black Skull. Four-Eyes enters, and mentions that Grodus is counting on Mario to get the Crystal Star. They enter it and fight Cortez. After a long battle, they defeat him, but he does not die, as he is already dead. Mario tells him he is not interested in his treasure and only wants the Crystal Star. Cortez hands the Sapphire Star over.


Mario returns to the Toads to find that the earthquake caused by Cortez's defeat cracked one of the walls, which Bobbery blows up. They all get outside the Pirate's Grotto, and the Toad is reunited with his brother. However, there seems to be no way off the island. Then, Four-Eyes attacks with cannons in a spiked ship and reveals himself to be Lord Crump. Flavio says that the only way to stop him is to get Cortez to help, as he has a ship, and has Mario take him to negotiate with Cortez. Initially Cortez doesn't want to help them, and also says that his ship is powered by the Skull Gem. Flavio offers him the Skull Gem, which his ancestors stole from him. Cortez threatens to turn Flavio into a pinata, but Flavio threatens to have Mario fight Cortez again, and throw the Skull Gem into the sea during the fight. Cortez accepts the offer and takes the Skull Gem. With the Embers, as well as all the Toads, they set sail in the Black Skull and battle Crump's ship, until the ships collide, and the Toads and Embers fight the X-Nauts, while Mario and his partners duel Crump. When it seems Crump is defeated, he calls over the entire X-Naut Legion, but they are defeated, and sail away in their ship.

Grodus is disappointed with Crump and gives him one last chance. He tells the Shadow Sirens to attack Mario again, and decides to take some measures. TEC has Peach concoct a potion to turn invisible, sneak into Grodus's office, and connect his disk (with all the secret information) to the network so TEC can read it.

Bowser and Kammy Koopa find Crump in Twilight Town looking for the Superbombomb. He finds it, but then Bowser asks him about the Crystal Stars. Crump summons the X-Naut Legion, and Bowser and Kammy Koopa summon the Koopa Clan, consisting of Koopatrols, Hammer Bros., and Magikoopas. Crump throws the Superbombomb at Bowser, but as it is broken it doesn't go off. Bowser breathes fire at it, detonating it and destroying both their armies, (though Bowser, Kammy Koopa, and Crump survive).

Cortez is impressed with Mario's battle skill and decides to take him and the others back to Rogueport. He also says that he will take Mario back to Keelhaul Key if he wishes, while Francesca, Frankie, Pa-Patch, and a few of the Toads decide to stay there. Mario takes the Sapphire Star to the Thousand-Year Door, and Professor Frankly says the next Crystal Star is in Poshley Heights, where many rich and famous people live, and to get there they must take the deluxe train, the Excess Express. He says they should ask Don Pianta for a ticket. They find Don Pianta to be sick with loneliness since Francesca ran off. Mario knows her to be on Keelhaul Key, so Cortez takes them over there. Francesca lost the wedding ring Frankie gave her, and won't leave until they find it. When Frankie suggests that they see Don first, Francesca thinks he doesn't love her anymore, and makes him say "I love you" 100 times. Mario finds the ring, and they return to Rogueport. Don immediately gets better and retires, appointing Frankie the new head of the Pianta Syndicate. He also gives Mario a ticket for the Excess Express.

While hiding in the shadows, Beldam hears Mario's partners mentioning the Crystal Star in Poshley Heights, so she leaves to take it. Mario and his partners go aboard the Excess Express and it leaves for Poshley Heights.

Chapter 6: 3 Days of ExcessEdit

Mario finds a threatening note on the ground, indicating an evil plan by Beldam to blow up the train. Mario tells the conductor, and later finds that a pot of stew has been stolen. Pennington, the detective, does not know who it could have been, randomly accusing people, the latest being the actor, Zip Toad. Mario finds spilled stew on the ground and follows it to a fat Toad, Heff T., and finds him to be the thief. The Galley Pot is returned, and Pennington takes Mario as his assistant, though he thinks Mario's name is Luigi. Pennington suspects that the family of Bob-ombs, Goldbob, Sylvia, and Bub, are behind the threatening note. Mario talks to them. Goldbob and Sylvia are arguing over what to get Bub for his birthday, but Bub gives Mario hints as to what he really wants. Mario gets an autograph from the engineer, and gives it to Bub.

At nighttime, the conductor says that he is one blanket short of the number of passengers, indicating one is on board without a ticket. Mario discovers that this is actually a ghost. Ghost T. says he will give Mario the blanket if he finds his diary for him, warning him not to read it. Mario gets the diary from the baggage car and gives it to him, and takes the blanket to the conductor.

The next day, Toodles's gold ring and the waitress's shell earrings have been stolen, as well as a Ratooey businessman's nitro syrup, which can raise the dead, but will explode if mixed with gold and shells. This indicates that the culprit is the one who wrote the threatening note. Mario finds a document from the briefcase in Zip Toad's room. Zip Toad has vanished, so Mario looks for him, finds him in his room, and captures him. Pennington reveals that this Zip Toad is a fake, and Mario takes back the stolen items from him. The train stops at Riverside Station, and Zip Toad reveals himself to be Doopliss, under orders from Beldam, and runs off. The drawbridge has been lifted, so Mario goes into Riverside Station to lower it. He finds the Ultra Boots while he's there, and soon reaches the switch, after fighting off small creatures called Smorgs.

With the drawbridge lowered, the train continues its trip. Next day, however, everyone seems to have vanished. The train is attacked by the smorgs, which enter the train, but Mario fights them off to save the conductor and the waitress. He goes on top of the train, where the smorgs merge into one, which has captured all the passengers. Mario defeats the Smorg, releasing all the passengers. The train arrives in Poshley Heights. Mario finds the door to Poshley Sanctum locked, when Pennington reveals himself to be the manager. They enter to see Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss steal the Garnet Star. Mario tells his story to Pennington, who says that the Crystal Star the Shadow Sirens stole was a fake. He doesn't know where the real one is (though he claims that he knows, but is forbidden from telling anyone). Mario finds it inside a painting of Poshley Sanctum.


Mario returns to Pennington, who puts another fake Crystal Star on the pedestal. As Mario leaves to return to Rogueport, Grodus gets angry at the X-Nauts for falling for a fake crystal star, and decides to alter his plan. An X-Naut informs him of TEC's treachery. TEC tells Peach she must escape as soon as possible, having discovered why Grodus wants her there. He tells her, but the player doesn't hear what he says. He also tells her that the X-Naut Fortress, where they are, is on the moon. As TEC is about to have Peach use a teleporter to escape, and Peach is typing an email to Mario, Grodus enters with two X-Nauts and shuts down TEC, who sends the email at the last second. Grodus takes Peach away from the fortress.

To lighten things up, Bowser and his minions find a secret passage. After going through a Super Mario Bros. stage resembling his castle, Bowser finds Rawk Hawk's secret training room, with his champion's belt in it. Rawk Hawk attacks Bowser, but only succeeds in knocking Kammy Koopa into the wall before Bowser flattens him. The impact causes the fake Crystal Star to fall off the belt and break. Kammy Koopa realizes it is a fake, and Rawk Hawk tells Bowser that Gonzales (whom Bowser does not know is Mario) has it, much to Bowser's fury.

Mario returns to Rogueport to receive Peach's email, which is incomplete but says that Peach is on the moon and that they need her for resurrecting the demon's spirit (though as it is cut off, it is unclear what they need from her). Mario takes the Garnet Star to the Thousand-Year Door, and finds that the last Crystal Star is on the moon. Professor Frankly looks for information on how to get to the moon. Mario uses the Spring Jump to get a giant chest in Rogueport, which contains the Ultra Hammer. Soon Professor Frankly finds out and tells Mario that he must use a cannon in Fahr Outpost to reach the moon.

Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the MoonEdit

Mario goes to Fahr Outpost through a pipe previously blocked by a stone block that only the Ultra Hammer can destroy. He meets the mayor, who says that they need to find Goldbob and General White to use the cannon. Goldbob stopped using the cannon when he got rich, causing General White to take his key and leave. Mario talks to Goldbob, who reveals that he only stopped because Sylvia didn't like the noise. He says he needs coins to work the cannon, and Mario gives him all his coins. Goldbob gives Mario the Goldbob Guide and returns all his coins to him. Mario goes to Petalburg, where he last saw General White, but Kroop tells him he went to an island to the south. The chase leads Mario to Keelhaul Key to Glitzville to the Great Tree to Twilight Town, until all the Twilighter says is that he looked tired. Mario returns to Fahr Outpost to tell the mayor he can't find General White, but in the background, he comes out of his house in search of Mario and goes back in. After several tries, Mario wakes up General White, who is sleeping, and was looking for Mario the whole time.

General White activates the cannon and shoots Mario and his partners to the moon. There, they find the X-Naut Fortress. After defeating two X-Nauts, taking a mechanical Thwomp's quiz for the elevator key, getting three Card Keys, and finally getting one more, they enter a room where Lord Crump is waiting. He says Peach isn't there anymore, and gets into his robot, Magnus 2.0, which is much stronger than the original. Mario defeats him, destroying Magnus 2.0 in a massive explosion that sends Crump flying into space. Mario takes the final Crystal Star.


Bowser goes to Poshley Heights in search of the Crystal Star. He finds the Poshley Sanctum to be locked, but in his rage he stomps the ground and breaks the lock. He enters and takes the fake Crystal Star, but is confronted by Pennington. Pennington says that the Crystal Star he has is a fake and that he gave the real one to Luigi, referring to Mario, but Bowser thinks Luigi actually beat him to the Crystal Star. Paragoomba appears and tells Bowser that Mario has all seven Crystal Stars and is heading for the Thousand-Year Door. Bowser, Kammy Koopa, and Paragoomba head off to defeat Mario.

Mario and his partners go to Sublevel 4 of the fortress where they meet TEC, who survived using backup power, but will not survive for long. He says Peach is with Grodus in the Palace of Shadow, and releases the room lock on the teleporter of the fortress, and after they take the teleporter and leave, TEC blows up the fortress.

Upon return to Rogueport, Mario meets Professor Frankly, who says he saw Grodus go through the Thousand-Year Door with Peach. He tells Mario to come immediately to the Thousand-Year Door. Mario holds up the Crystal Star (which goes by no other name), and the Thousand-Year Door opens.

Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

Mario and his partners go through the Thousand-Year Door into the Palace of Shadow. Along the way they fight Dark Bones, who mentions something about disturbing "her" sleep, indicating an evil presence within the palace. After Dark Bones is destroyed, Mario goes through more rooms, including the classic "take the right door in the same room each time", until they reach a mysterious underground fountain. Mario goes through more doors into the right and meets Gloomtail, a dragon who guards one of the secrets of the palace. Mario's partners think Gloomtail is Hooktail, and mention that Mario defeated him. Gloomtail is furious at this, revealing that Hooktail was his younger sister and that she is dead (explaining her absence in her castle after Chapter 1, to which Goombella did not know where she was). Gloomtail fights them in revenge, but they defeat him, and before he expires, he coughs up a treasure chest containing a Star Key.

Mario returns to the fountain, where he blows up two Chomp Statues to hit two switches and open a path to Riddle Tower, in the middle of the fountain. He solves seven riddles in eight rooms (two of which are connected, as the grey blocks in one are connected to the red metal blocks in another), and gets eight Palace Keys. He uses the Star Key in the top room to activate eight pedestals, which he places the Palace Keys and opens a way to deeper rooms in the palace. Before they can enter, though, Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss appear. Beldam reveals that the Professor Frankly that they met upon their return from the X-Naut Fortress was really Doopliss, and that Mario opened the Thousand-Year Door for them. Mario defeats the Shadow Sirens, knocking them out.

Mario goes further through the Palace of Shadow until he reaches the throne room, where he finally meets Grodus. Grodus reveals that it was his plan to have Mario collect the Crystal Stars and bring them to him. Whether Mario beat Crump or lost to him, either way Grodus still got the Crystal Stars. Mario defeats Grodus, but he reveals Princess Peach and threatens to kill her if Mario attacks. He attacks Mario with bolts of lightning, but when all hope seems lost, Bowser suddenly falls through the ceiling and lands on Grodus. Noticing Mario and Peach, he fights Mario alongside Kammy Koopa, but Mario defeats them both. In the process, Grodus escapes with Peach into a dark underground tomb, where he reveals that to resurrect the demon, he must have it possess Peach. Grodus awakens the Shadow Queen, who possesses Peach. Grodus commands her to destroy Mario, but she refuses to take orders from anyone and destroys his body. She seemingly destroys his head as well. Beldam appears with Marilyn and Doopliss and reveals that she tricked Grodus, spread the rumor of a legendary treasure, and searched for a pure maiden that she could possess.

The Shadow Queen turns to Mario and his partners and offers them the chance to become her servants. Mario refuses, so the Shadow Queen fights them. After Mario does enough damage to her, she transforms into her true form, immortal. Eventually she absorbs the audience to restore all her health. As she is about to destroy Mario, the Crystal Stars suddenly activate and go to the different areas, where everyone across the land sends Mario their positive energy through the Crystal Stars. At this time, Pennington realizes that Mario is Mario and not Luigi. The Crystal Stars take away the Shadow Queen's immortality, and Peach briefly reappears to heal Mario and his parnters, before the Shadow Queen takes full control again. After a long battle, the Shadow Queen is finally destroyed, releasing Peach unharmed. Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss run. Professor Frankly enters with a treasure chest, which seems to contain actual treasure this time.

They all return to Rogueport, and at the harbor, Mario's partners all say goodbye. Punio and Petuni bring Mario and Peach Mushrooms before the boat arrives, and Mario and Peach return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario tells Luigi about his adventures, and receives an email from Goombella, saying that she is working with Professor Frankly, and is traveling across the areas they've been to. Koops is living peacefully with Koopley and Koopie Koo, and wants to become mayor of Petalburg and live there in peace. Flurrie is doing a play of their adventure entitled Paper Mario, with Doopliss, now an actor, portraying Mario. Yoshi is fighting solo in the Glitz Pit, calling himself the Great Gonzales Jr. and is close to a title match. Vivian is living in Twilight Town with Beldam and Marilyn, who are no longer evil since the Shadow Queen was defeated. Beldam also promised to never be mean to Vivian again. Bobbery is going to sea with Cortez every day, while Ms. Mowz is still running the badge shop while also looking for more rare badges. Grodus and Lord Crump are both still alive, but have also stopped being evil and are living peacefully with four remaining X-Nauts in Poshley Heights. Grodus is also just a head. The X-Naut Fortress and TEC have both reappeared on the moon as well.

After Mario finishes reading the email, Princess Peach and Toadsworth enter, having found a treasure map that they are sure leads to real treasure this time.

Endless play modeEdit

Mario returns to Rogueport. All his partners are waiting for him, and they continue to travel the lands. Mario makes a comeback in the Glitz Pit and easily defeats Rawk Hawk again. He also enters the dangerous dungeron, the Pit of 100 Trials. At the 100th floor he fights a zombified dragon, Bonetail, older brother of Hooktail and Gloomtail, and stronger (but not necessarily tougher) than the Shadow Queen. Mario defeats him for the Return Postage Badge. Luigi and Toadsworth, meanwhile, are at the Rogueport Inn, and Mario can still hear any of Luigi's stories about his quest for the compass pieces. Mario also meets his old partner, Lady Bow, and Bootler, in Poshley Heights.



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This game is set in lands outside the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • World 1 (Bowser event)
  • World 2 (Bowser event)
  • World 3 (Bowser event)





These enemies only appear in the Pit of 100 Trials. Bonetail, the super-boss, is one of these as well.


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  • The Excess Express mystery scene has some slight similarities to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode MMMystery on the Friendship Express (released many years after the game). Both involve a mystery on a train, and the mystery theme is slightly similar to that of the silent film of Pinkie Pie's interpretation of Gustave le Grand cutting the cake up. Also, like Pennington, Pinkie Pie accuses people without any evidence.