Paper Mario is an RPG released for the Nintendo 64. It was released on February 4th, 2001.


Mario and Luigi receive a letter from Princess Peach inviting them to a party at her castle. As Mario and Peach are about to go to the balcony to talk, the castle lifts into the sky, with Bowser's castle directly under it. Bowser appears with Kammy Koopa, his servant, and fights Mario. However, Bowser has stolen the Star Rod from Star Haven, and uses it to become invincible. He easily defeats Mario, then strikes him with lightning and sends him flying out the castle window. Bowser and his minions take over Peach's castle.


The seven Star Spirits find Mario unconscious in the middle of Goomba Village, and send him their power. Afterward, a Goomba named Goombaria finds Mario and calls in her grandfather Goompa, her father Goompapa, and her brother Goombario to take him to the Toad House to heal. Eldstar, the oldest Star Spirit, appears before Mario and tells him to go to Shooting Star Summit. Afterward, Mario gets up, having fully recovered from the fight with Bowser. As he is about to leave for Toad Town, however, Kammy Koopa appears and teleports a giant block in front of the gate, blocking Mario's path. Mario goes to the veranda, where Goompa is using a hammer to fix it, only to discover that it has fallen, and Mario falls, where he finds Goompa, and another block blocking the path. They search for the hammer, and find it. However, they are attacked by a bully, Jr. Troopa, but Mario defeats him and he runs off, swearing revenge. Smashing the blocks and fighting his way through bad Goombas, including Paragoombas and Spiked Goombas, Mario returns to Goomba Village with Goompa.

Mario explains to Goompa, Goombario, and Goombaria that Bowser kidnapped Peach again. Goompa tells Goombario that he should go with Mario on his quest. Mario smashes the block that is blocking the gate, and he and Goombario go through Goomba Road, where they encounter the Goomba Bros. Mario and Goombario defeat them, and they run to the Goomba King, who resides in a fortress that stands where a bridge used to be. Mario and Goombario defeat the Goomba King, who retreats into his fortress. Mario activates a switch, reactivating the bridge and sending the Goomba King flying into the distance. Kammy Koopa sees this and informs Bowser of the Goomba King's defeat.

Mario reaches Toad Town with Goombario and goes to the top of Shooting Star Summit, where the Star Spirits, through an illusion, tell Mario that Bowser invaded Star Haven and stole the Star Rod so he could defeat Mario. He also imprisoned each of them in separate areas. Meanwhile, at Peach's castle, Peach wishes that someone would help her, and soon a Star Kid named Twink appears. He is unable to take the Star Rod back from Bowser or help Peach escape, but is able to perform such a task as giving Mario a Lucky Star, allowing him to use Action Commands. Shortly after Twink teaches Mario how to use them, a Magikoopa appears, having followed Twink to Mario, but Mario defeats him in battle, destroying him. Twink returns to Peach's castle.

When Mario returns to Toad Town, a Toad tells him that Merlon wanted to talk to him. Mario goes to see Merlon, who tells him that he must find the first Star Spirit at the Koopa Bros. Fortress. However, there are four strange Toads blocking the road to Pleasant Path, which leads to the fortress. Merlon reveals them to be the Koopa Bros., who are guarding Eldstar at their fortress. The Koopa Bros. retreat.

Chapter 1: Storming the Koopa Bros. FortressEdit

Mario and Goombario walk along Pleasant Path until they reach Koopa Village, where the Koopas' shells are being stolen by Fuzzies. Mario meets one of the victims, Kooper, and chases the Fuzzy that has his blue shell. Mario eventually gets it back, and the Fuzzies seemingly turn good. Kooper gets his shell back and joins Mario's party. However, the Fuzzies change their minds and attack Mario, but he defeats them, and they run off, promising to be good. Mario, Goombario, and Kooper continue Pleasant Path and reach the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Black, one of the Koopa Bros., informs Red, the leader.

While going through the fortress and fighting off enemies and a few traps, Mario falls for a trap set by Yellow, one of the Koopa Bros., and falls through a trapdoor into a prison cell. There, he meets some Bob-ombs. One of them, Bombette, says the Koopa Bros. locked her up because she exploded next to them, and then locked up the others to prevent a Bob-omb rebellion. She explodes next to a cracked wall, which reveals a way out of the cell. After defeating a Koopa Troopa and two bad Bob-ombs (who mistakenly thought that one of their own Bob-ombs was exploding for no reason), they go through the fortress, getting more keys that were locked up by Green, until they reach the balcony. Black, Yellow, and Green fire on Mario with Bullet Bills, but Mario and his three partners destroy the three Bill Blasters and enter the next room, where the Koopa Bros. get into a tank that resembles Bowser, trying to trick Mario into thinking that they are Bowser. Mario fights the tank and destroys it, and then defeats the Koopa Bros., sending all four of them falling into the prison cell below, which has been patched up. Mario then rescues Eldstar from his imprisonment.


Princess Peach remembers that the Minister told her about a secret passage that leads out of her room. She uses this secret passage to get out and reads Bowser's diary, and discovers that Mario beat the Koopa Bros. and that the second Star Spirit is in Dry Dry Ruins, in Dry Dry Desert. Peach sends Twink to tell Mario this. Bowser enters and has Peach taken back to her room.

Eldstar gives Mario a Star Spirit power he can use during battle. On their way back, Mario and his partners are attacked by Jr. Troopa again, but Mario defeats him again. When he reaches Toad Town, Twink tells him about the Star Spirit in Dry Dry Ruins. Mario talks to a Bub-ulb from Flower Fields, and he gives Mario a Magical Seed. Bombette blows up a boulder from the earthquake blocking the train, and takes the train to Mt. Rugged.

Chapter 2: The Mystery of Dry Dry RuinsEdit

Shortly after his arrival on Mt. Rugged, Mario meets the postman, Parakarry, who has lost three letters on Mt. Rugged. Mario finds them and takes them to him. He reveals he lost more letters all over the Mushroom Kingdom, and joins Mario's party. Along the way, they find another Bub-ulb, who gives them a second Magical Seed. They also encounter a bird, Buzzar, who recognizes Mario as one on Bowser's wanted poster, but Mario gets by him by telling him he is Luigi. He reaches Dry Dry Desert, where Kooper's idol, Professor Kolorado, is searching for Dry Dry Ruins. Mario reaches the town of Dry Dry Outpost, and looks for Moustafa, who knows about Dry Dry Ruins. Mario finds a Little Mouser named Sheek, and gives him a lemon from the desert's oasis, and in return, he tells him to buy a Dried Shroom and Dusty Hammer at the shop. When he does, the shop owner tells him where to find Moustafa. Mario gets there to see that Sheek is Moustafa. Moustafa gives him a Pulse Stone, which leads him to Dry Dry Ruins.

Mario places the Pulse Stone in a spot in the desert, and Dry Dry Ruins rises up out of the sand. Mario enters the ruins and receives threatening warnings from a monster named Tutankoopa. He soon finds a Super Hammer, which he uses to get further into the ruins and collect three stones to open the way into Tutankoopa's room. Tutankoopa turns out to be an Egyptian Magikoopa who works for Bowser and has Chomps working for him. Mario defeats Tutankoopa, and one of his Chomps chases him off. Mario rescues the second Star Spirit, Mamar.


Bowser enters Peach's room and says that he will use his strongest servant, the invincible Tubba Blubba, on Mario. Kammy Koopa enters and tells Bowser that the third Star Spirit flew away from Tubba Blubba's castle. After they both leave, Peach and Twink sneak out again to find out if Tubba Blubba has a weak point. They soon find a Hammer Bro and a cowardly Koopatrol talking about him, and say that he has a secret that might relate to his weak point, and that he didn't used to be strong at all. They soon discover Peach and take her back to her room.

Mamar gives Mario the power to put enemies to sleep, and Mario returns to Toad Town with his partners. Along the way he encounters Buzzar again. He chooses to fight him this time (Note: If the player chooses, Mario can refuse this time as well; only if he/she has Mario answer "Mario" or "Princess Peach" will Buzzar fight) and defeats him. Buzzar jumps over the cliff. Mario enters Toad Tunnels and defeats a Blooper while searching for items. (Note: This can be done at any time the player wishes, so when this happens is really up to the player). Mario soon discovers that the guard, Fice T., has seen a ghost. Since he is afraid of ghosts, he asks Mario to go into Forever Forest to find out what is going on. Mario soon meets the ghost, Bootler, who tells Mario that his master wishes to see him and has information on the third Star Spirit. He tells Mario to come to Boo's Mansion.

Chapter 3: The "Invincible" Tubba BlubbaEdit

Mario, Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, and Parakarry travel through Forever Forest, at one point meeting a third Bub-ulb that gives them another Magical Seed. Mario reaches Boo's Mansion, and completes many challenges set by the Boos, in the process getting the Super Boots, and eventually finds a Boo's portrait to set back in its frame so that he can jump through it to the third floor of the mansion. There, Mario meets Lady Bow and Bootler, who tell Mario that Tubba Blubba lives near their mansion and eats ghosts, especially Boos, and that he is invincible, but may also have a weak point, as they know he has a secret that he closely guards. They have also found the third Star Spirit, Skolar, who got lost in the forest while trying to escape Tubba Blubba's Castle, and promise to give him to Mario if he defeats Tubba Blubba. Bow also joins Mario's party.

Mario and his partners go through a gate on the side of the mansion and travel through Gusty Gulch (at one point going through a ghost town and witnessing Tubba Blubba eating a Boo named Stanley), until they reach Tubba Blubba's Castle. Mario soon encounters Tubba Blubba, and Bow uses Outta Sight to keep them hidden from him. He soon reaches Tubba Blubba's bedroom, and Tubba Blubba enters soon after and goes to sleep. Mario finds the talking key, Yakkey, who opens the door to the Windy Mill, where Tubba Blubba's weakness is. Yakkey yells for Tubba Blubba, waking him up. Mario races to the castle entrance, with Tubba Blubba chasing after him. Boos hold the door shut once Mario is through to keep Tubba Blubba out, and Mario reaches the Windy Mill and uses Yakkey to open the door. There, Mario finds Tubba's Heart, Tubba Blubba's weakness. Mario and his partners fight Tubba's Heart and nearly beat him, but he runs away. Tubba Blubba eats his heart, and becomes vulnerable again. Mario easily defeats him, and he returns all the ghosts he ate and runs off.

Bow decides to tell the other ghosts not to scare Tubba Blubba anymore, as this is why he ate the ghosts once he became invincible. Bootler hands over Skolar to Mario.


Bowser is furious that Mario defeated Tubba Blubba, and decides to find his weak point. He finds Peach when she sneaks out again with Twink, and asks her what Mario hates. She tells him that he hates Mushrooms, Thunder Rages, and Super Sodas (although the player can have her tell Bowser that he hates either a weak enemy or a stronger enemy, it depends on which answer the player chooses) and Bowser instructs Kammy Koopa to place them where Mario can't avoid them in his predicted next destination, Shy Guy's Toybox. He then has Peach taken back to her room.

Mario and his partners go back through Forever Forest, but run into Jr. Troopa again. Now he has wings and can fly, but Mario is still able to defeat him. When Mario returns to Toad Town (as does Jr. Troopa), he finds it to be taken over by the Shy Guys, who are stealing things from its inhabitants. Bow hides Mario from the Shy Guys that run when they see him, and one enters a secret passage leading to Shy Guy's Toybox.

Chapter 4: Trials in the ToyboxEdit

Mario enters Shy Guy's Toybox with his partners and they find the calculator that was stolen from Rowf, the badge shop owner, and also the Storeroom Key, which Kammy Koopa places a Mushroom to guard it (though she is suspicious of what Peach said, but doesn't dare question Bowser's orders). Mario returns the Storeroom Key, and the store owner lets him take anything from the storage room. Mario takes a toy train and places it in the toybox, and uses it to get to Pink Station. There, Mario gets the Frying Pan that was stolen from Tayce T., the cook. Kammy Koopa set a Thunder Rage to guard it. When he returns it, she makes a delicious cake for him. Mario gives the cake to Gourmet Guy, a fat Shy Guy, and he runs out of Mario's way. Mario pulls a switch to fix the railroad and get to Blue Station. There, Mario finds more stolen items, one guarded by a Super Soda, and hits blocks in the correct order to open the railroad path to Red Station.

Mario encounters the Big Lantern Ghost in the dark, and defeats him. He runs off, leaving his lantern behind. Mario hits the lantern with his hammer, releasing Watt, the Spark that was trapped inside it. Watt joins Mario's party and illuminates dark areas. He chases after fifteen Shy Guys known as the Shy Squad, until he finds the Shy Guys' leader, General Guy. General Guy sends the Shy Squad after Mario, but Mario defeats them. After defeating two more waves of different Shy Guys, General Guy fights Mario himself in his tank, but Mario defeats him and destroys his tank. General Guy and the Shy Squad run off, and Mario rescues the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular.


Peach and Twink sneak out again, and Peach runs into Gourmet Guy, who asks her to bake a cake for him. Once she gives him the cake, he finds it to be delicious, and tells Peach to tell Mario that a Star Spirit is on Lavalava Island, and a Lava Piranha is guarding it. Twink leaves to tell Mario, while Kammy Koopa enters and has Peach taken back to her room.

After Twink tells Mario about Lavalava Island, Mario goes to Toad Tunnels again and fights an Electro Blooper to open shortcuts to areas he's been to (again, can be done whenever the player wishes). Mario goes to the docks where he finds a whale with a stomachache. So, he enters the whale's mouth and finds the cause of the stomachache to be a Fuzzy named Fuzzipede, who is jumping around inside the whale's stomach. Mario defeats him, which clears up the stomachache, and the whale shoots Mario, his partners, and Fuzzipede out through the hole on his back. Fuzzipede forgives the whale for swallowing him while asleep with his mouth open, and runs off. The whale tells Mario he will take Mario to anywhere he wants to go, and Professor Kolorado says that he is looking for treasure on Lavalava Island. Remembering that there is a Star Spirit on Lavalava Island, Mario and his partners go with him.

Chapter 5: Hot Hot Times on Lavalava IslandEdit

Mario, Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Watt, and Kolorado arrive at Lavalava Island on the whale's back, and go to the Yoshi Village. Mario and Kolorado find the entrance to Mt. Lavalava, but it is unreachable. Upon return to Yoshi Village, they find that five Yoshi kids, the Fearsome Five, wandered into Jade Jungle and are lost. Mario goes to look for them, and finds Sushie, the Cheep-Cheep, in a tree due to the Yoshi kids' trick. Mario gets Sushie down and she joins Mario's party to find the Yoshi kids. After finding all five, fighting off deadly enemies along the way, Mario and his partners see the Yoshi chief, who gives them a Jade Raven for getting to the island's master, Raphael the Raven, who can help them get to Mt. Lavalava.

Mario and his partners place the Jade Raven in a statue in the Jade Jungle and, after defeating three Putrid Piranhas and a White Magikoopa, they reach Raphael Raven, who calls his ravens, and they make a device on a rope that Mario can use to reach Mt. Lavalava. He also gives Mario an Ultra Stone to power up his partners even more. Kolorado immediately enters Mt. Lavalava. Mario enters afterwards. They go through the volcano, with Kolorado falling victim to many traps. While they are there, Mario gets an Ultra Hammer. Eventually, Mario reaches the Lava Piranha and defeats him, and rescues the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar.

However, the volcano starts to erupt. Just when Kolorado finds his treasure, Misstar gets Mario, his partners, and Kolorado out of the volcano in time, and during the eruption the treasure goes flying out of the volcano and lands in Jade Jungle.


Peach and Twink sneak out again, and come across a gameshow, where the host, Mr. Hammer, chooses Peach as the third player against Spiky Tom and Spiky John. Peach wins the gameshow, and in addition to the victory prize of a Jammin' Jelly, also receives a Sneaky Parasol for participating, which allows her to take the form of anyone nearby. Bowser enters and has Peach taken back to her room.

Mario gets the treasure, a Volcano Vase, for Kolorado, and in return he gives him a fourth Magical Seed that he got from a Bub-ulb in the jungle. Kolorado declares the adventure to be a success, and heads back to Toad Town on the whale's back, with Mario. Just when they leave, Jr. Troopa arrives, swimming all the way over to the island, but is forced to swim back when he sees they have already left. After they arrive, Jr. Troopa attacks them, but is worn out and has half his HP left. In addition to his wings, he now has a spike, but Mario defeats him again.

A bully named Kent C. Koopa is blocking Pleasant Path, but Mario defeats him and he runs away crying. (Note: Following Chapter 5, the player can do this when or if he/she wants to.)

Mario gives the four Magical Seeds to Minh T., who plants them in the garden, causing a door to Flower Fields to appear. Mario goes through the door.

Chapter 6: Dark Days in Flower FieldsEdit

Mario and his partners enter Flower Fields to see that the other side of the door is a tree named Wise Wisterwood. He tells Mario that an evil creature named Huff N. Puff has covered the land in clouds, and is holding someone prisoner, which he realizes must be the sixth Star Spirit. He lives in Cloudy Climb, so Wisterwood tells Mario to get a seed from Petunia, one of the flowers that lives there. Mario goes to the east and gets a Red Berry from a tree. He finds Petunia, who is being bitten by dark Monty Moles. Mario defeats them and Petunia gives him a Magical Bean. Mario goes to the southwest, giving the red flower a Red Berry to get through the gate. He picks up a Yellow Berry and meets Posie, a flower next to a crystal tree. She gives Mario some Fertile Soil. Mario goes to the southeast and gives the yellow flower a Yellow Berry to get through the gate. He picks up a Blue Berry at the tree and finds that Lily's spring has been drained because the Water Stone was stolen by two Lakitus.

Mario goes to the west and gives the blue flower a Blue Berry to get through the gate. After defeating the two Lakitus, who lost the stone, he goes through a maze and finds Rosie, who is extremely vain and found the stone after the Lakitus lost it. Mario explains the situation to her, and she doesn't want Lily dead, so she tells Mario she'll give him the stone if he brings her something more beautiful than the stone. He goes to Posie, who gives him a Crystal Berry from the crystal tree. Mario gives Rosie the crystal berry and she gives him the stone. Mario returns it to Lily, restoring the water to the spring. Lily gives him Miracle Water. However, Mario won't be able to plant the seed because there is no sun.

Mario goes northwest and enters a desertlike area where he climbs a tower, at the top of which is the Sun, who is not confident that Mario can break the Puff Puff Machine that is making all the clouds, and says he should just give up. On his way back, Mario is attacked by a Lakitu named Spike. Mario defeats him. His girlfriend, Lakilulu, appears and tells Mario to spare him, revealing that his real name is Lakilester and he thinks Spike is a cooler name. Lakilester realizes how stupid working for Huff N. Puff was, and joins Mario's party. Using Lakilester's abilities to cross spikes, Mario reaches the Puff Puff Machine. It is being guarded by three Lakitus and a Yellow Magikoopa, who reveal that the Puff Puff Machine is extremely delicate. Mario and his partners defeat them, and they run off. Mario destroys the Puff Puff Machine, which makes the clouds disappear, and the sun rises into the sky once again.

Lakilester decides to go with Mario until he defeats Bowser. Mario plants the Magical Bean with Fertile Soil and Miracle Water, and it grows into a beanstalk. Mario climbs the beanstalk to Cloudy Climb, where he meets Huff N. Puff, who is angry at him for destroying the Puff Puff Machine. Mario defeats him, and he explodes. Mario rescues the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar.


Peach and Twink sneak out again. Peach uses the Sneaky Parasol to turn into a Koopatrol. She goes through the castle (Twink appears to be unnoticed by all enemies) and hears from a Koopatrol that a Clubba is supposed to take his shift. Peach finds the Clubba and turns into him with the Sneaky Parasol, and seemingly takes over for the Koopatrol, but once he's gone, she goes through the castle until she encounters Kammy Koopa, who eventually realizes that she is Peach, returns her to her original form, and has her taken back to her room.

With Huff N. Puff and the Puff Puff Machine gone, Flower Fields is back to normal, and now there is only one more Star Spirit left to find. Mario returns to Toad Town and goes to Merlon to decide which path to take next. A Ninji from Starborn Valley is also there, and he and Merlon tell Mario that Merlon's son, Merle, wants to talk to Mario at Starborn Valley. He unlocks a door below Toad Tunnels. Mario goes through Toad Tunnels again, fighting a Super Blooper (although, regardless of which point Mario reaches first, the Blooper will be fought first, then the Electro Blooper, then the Super Blooper, so if Mario avoided the other two spots, only a Blooper would be here). He gets the Ultra Boots and reaches a door, leading to a frozen area. Mario goes through the pipe to Shiver City.

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on IceEdit

Mario and his partners arrive in Shiver City. They go to the mayor for permission to go through the gate to Snow Way, only to find him lying on the ground motionless, with a memo in his hand saying "Herringway". His wife accuses Mario for killing him, and calls the Penguin Patrol. As there is no evidence against Mario, the penguin patrol asks him to prove his innocence by bringing him the true murderer. Mario enters the secret room of the novelist, Herringway, through the chimney. They go to Mayor Penguin's house, and Herringway is accused of killing Mayor Penguin, as the Penguin Patrol belives the memo with his name on it to be a message about his death. Suddenly, Mayor Penguin gets up, as he was not really dead, but was knocked out after falling while reaching for a souveneir from Toad Town for Herringway.

Mayor Penguin tells the guard to open the gate for Mario. Mario and his partners go along Shiver Snowfield, but run into Jr. Troopa again. Instead of wings and a spike, he now has a magic staff, and uses powerful magic spells on Mario, but Mario defeats him, and he is frozen. Mario soon encounters a monster named Monstar, and easily defeats him, revealing his true identity to be some Star Kids trying to protect Starborn Valley from Bowser's followers. Mario enters Starborn Valley and talks to Merle, who says that the final Star Spirit is at Crystal Palace. He gives him a Scarf, telling him that, according to legend, this and an item that Mayor Penguin has should be used together to get to Crystal Palace. Mario returns to Shiver City, where Mayor Penguin gives him a Bucket. Mario finds some snowmen on Snow Way, one of which is missing a bucket for a hat and one of which is missing a scarf. Mario gives them the bucket and scarf and they open the path to Shiver Mountain.

While climbing the mountain, Mario encounters an impostor Kooper, but he doesn't play his part too convincingly, and Mario hits him with a hammer, revealing him to be a Duplighost. After being defeated, the Duplighost runs off. Mario goes through a wall that isn't really there, and finds Madam Merlar, Merlon's ancestor. She gives Mario a Star Stone to get to Crystal Palace. Mario places the stone in the right spot and a staircase appears. Mario and his partners climb the staircase and enter Crystal Palace.

While going through Crystal Palace, Mario hits four Duplighosts, who are imitating Bombette (though talking differently than she does, with extra stars, hearts, etc. in the text boxes) with a hammer and they run off. He also fights three White Clubbas in a battle to the death, as they are afraid of suffering the wrath of the Crystal King, who assigned them to guard a bridge. Later, he encounters four Duplighosts who say they are imitating Kooper; however, they only say their name is Kooper, while their disguises and overall imitations are of Goompa, Kolorado, Koopa Koot, and Luigi, so Mario easily figures them out. After solving a puzzle set by Albino Dinos, Mario reaches a platform outside the palace, where the Crystal King appears. Mario defeats him, and after he dissolves, the final Star Spirit, Kalmar, appears.


Kammy Koopa informs Bowser that Mario has rescued all seven Star Spirits. Bowser sends his minions to their posts in the castle and has two of them tie Peach up. Twink tries to stop him but he smacks him out the window.

Mario returns to Toad Town and goes to Shooting Star Summit. The Star Spirits open up a path called Star Way, where some pirate ghosts, Embers, are inexplicably haunting, but Mario reaches Star Haven through the path and goes to the Star Spirits' shrine, where the Star Spirits give him a power called Star Beam, which will counter the power of the Star Rod whenever Bowser uses it to become invincible. They also give Mario the legendary Star Ship, which he uses to reach Bowser's Castle.

Chapter 8: A Star-Powered ShowdownEdit

Mario and his partners go through Bowser's Castle and meet a guard door, who tricks Mario and drops him down a trapdoor, saying he'll let him through if he can get back (as he is sure Mario can't). However, Bombette blows up a cracked wall in the cell (where the Minister is among the prisoners), saying that the Koopa Bros. Fortress walls were tougher. After going through a lava dungeon, Mario defeats a Magikoopa and three cowardly Koopatrols, and after their demise, Mario hits a switch to stop the lava flor and harden the lava. Mario goes through a dark cave, illuminating the area with Watt, until he reaches the guard door again, and angrily, the door is forced to let Mario through.

After going through more obstacles, Mario reaches the second guard door, which makes him take a quiz. Mario gets five answers right and goes through the door. After more obstacles, he reaches the third door, whose defenses are the Koopa Bros., who have somehow escaped from their cell in their fortress. They are much stronger than before, but before they can fight Mario, Jr. Troopa appears and easily defeats them. He then fights Mario using all his previous skills, but Mario defeats him and he runs off. The guard door decides to let Mario through, since he beat Jr. Troopa who beat the Koopa Bros.

Mario reaches Peach's Castle and soon encounters Bowser in the same hall where he fought him before. Mario easily defeats Bowser, but Bowser isn't through yet, and takes Peach to a higher area of the castle. Mario follows him to a machine platform, which Bowser and Kammy Koopa have arranged. Bowser is powered up by the machine, so that Mario's Star Beam doesn't work on him. However, Twink returns and unties Peach, and, with Peach powering him up, he defeats Kammy Koopa. Peach makes a wish to the Stars, and she and Twink power up the Star Beam into Peach Beam, which is powerful enough to counter the Star Rod again. After a long battle, Mario defeats Bowser and takes the Star Rod back. The intensity of the battle causes Bowser's castle to explode, sending Bowser and Kammy Koopa flying, however Mario, Peach, and (as evidenced by the Minister's later appearance) the prisoners are protected by Twink and the Star Spirits.

Eldstar takes the Star Rod back, and he and the other Star Spirits return to Star Haven. Twink says goodbye to Peach and also returns to Star Haven, as the castle slowly falls back to the ground in Toad Town. Mario tells Luigi about his adventures. Meanwhile, Goombario receives a letter from Peach inviting him to a party at her castle. So do Bombette, who is now in Koopa Village, Bow, Watt, Sushie (by which time the Jade Jungle has apparently been cleared of all dangerous beasts), and Lakilester. Kooper receives his invitation as he and Kolorado are about to start a journey to Crystal Palace. Parakarry tells Kolorado that his wife is angry at him for leaving without telling him, and he rushes back as well. Mario receives an invitation as well. Upon arrival in Toad Town, Luigi runs off to do something unknown that he says is top-secret. Mario enters the castle where Peach appears and tells everyone that Mushroom Kingdom is once again in peace and it is time to celebrate.

During the credits, a parade is shown, featuring most of the characters and bosses (even some of the ones that are dead, like Huff N. Puff, and showing Tubba's Heart outside Tubba Blubba's body again, apparently rendering this parade out of continuity).


Like other RPG's, the battle system has it so Mario, his partners, and enemies take turns attacking, and can use items to heal.

Unlike other RPG's, however, Mario and his partner will always attack first. Also, the damage and HP ratio is much lower. Outside the battles, Mario can also jump on an enemy or hit them with his hammer to initiate a First Strike, but he can also fall victim to an enemy's First Strike. Mario can use the Action Command in battle to increase the damage. He can also decrease damage by 1, by guarding against enemy attacks.

Some attacks consume FP, and each time Mario rescues a Star Spirit, he gains a new attack or technique that consumes Star Power (which also increases each time).

Mario gains several partners, but can only have one out at a time. Unlike Super Mario RPG, where Mario has no partners out outside of the battle, and three during battle, Mario can have one partner out both outside and inside battles. He can also switch them during the battles. They each have their own special abilities. If a partner is damaged in battle, they cannot do anything until a certain number of turns are over.

This game is also divided into eight chapters, with the first seven revolving around Mario finding the seven Star Spirits, and the eighth featuring Mario's fight with Bowser.

Leveling is a bit different as well; Mario always has the same amount of Star Points needed to level (100), but this is balanced by him receiving less Star Points from weaker enemies as his level goes up. And when he does level, he can either upgrade his HP, FP, or BP (badge power, which is required to wear different badges). Defense can only be raised by items or badges, and attack is raised throughout the game when Mario gets new boots and hammers.



Enemies that only appear alongside bossesEdit




Characters Edit