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Mainstream Mario is a collaborative website about mainstream Mario games that anyone can edit!

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This is about the mainstream Mario games. What we have over standard Mario wikis is that we allow fan-based speculation (as long as it's specified as such) and more trivial trivia. What they have over us is that they also focus on spin-offs and Super Smash Bros., while we don't (though of course we can reference them). Also, Super Mario Wiki has more and better pictures, and in some cases more detail (though this may change as more people arrive to edit the pages). They also specialize in tables and templates. Until someone with good knowledge of creating them comes to this wiki, there will be none of them.

The pages for the four main characters are done. Articles on games are mostly done, but some do not yet have enemy lists. The bosses are under construction, but I will appreciate anyone who comes in and creates articles on the enemies, characters, levels, etc.

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