The Elemental Crystals are four crystals who fight alongside their master, Culex, the optional super boss of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are the Fire Crystal, the Water Crystal, the Earth Crystal, and the Wind Crystal. As they only use magic attacks, not physical attacks, their physical attack power is 0 while their magical ATK power is the true measurement of their power.

Fire CrystalEdit

The Fire Crystal has 2500 HP. It has the second lowest DEF, at 100, and the highest magic attack power, at 130. Magic defense is 60. As its name implies, it uses fire attacks. Its attacks are Drain, Mega Drain, Flame, Flame Wall, and, deadliest of all, Corona. It is resistant to fire but weak against ice.

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Water CrystalEdit

The Water Crystal has 1800 HP. It has the second highest DEF, at 130, and the second highest magic ATK, at 120. Magic defense is 50. Its name is misleading, as it uses ice attacks instead. It uses Blizzard, Crystal, and the deadly Ice Rock, Diamond Saw, and Solidify. It is resistant to ice but weak to fire, as if it were an ice crystal.

Psychopath thought is "Get me back underground!"

Earth CrystalEdit

The Earth Crystal has the highest HP at 3200, the weakest DEF at 70, and the second weakest magic ATK at 80. Magic defense is 33. Nevertheless, its Boulder and Storm attacks can do heavy damage. It also uses Sand Storm, Blast, and Water Blast. Most of its attacks are earth attacks, as its name implies.

Psychopath thought is "I hate being awakened."

Wind CrystalEdit

The Wind Crystal has 800 HP, however, with the highest DEF of 200, and a magic defense of 88, it is the hardest to destroy. Fortunately, its magic ATK is the weakest at 60. Its name is misleading, as it uses electric attacks like Bolt, Electroshock, Lightning Orb, and Static E. The only attacks it has that pose a threat are Light Beam and Petal Blast, which can put the victim to sleep and turn them into a mushroom, respectively. A Safety Badge, obtained from a Hidon in the Sunken Ship, can prevent status ailments, so if Princess Peach is out, and wearing this badge, the Wind Crystal poses no threat at all.

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