Donkey Kong Jr. is an arcade game. It was later released for the NES. It is the sequel to Donkey Kong, and it has another sequel, Donkey Kong 3. In a role reversal, Mario is the antagonist while Donkey Kong's son, Donkey Kong Jr., is the protagonist.


Presumably right after defeating him and rescuing Pauline in the previous game, Mario kidnaps Donkey Kong and imprisons him in a cage. His son, Donkey Kong Jr., sets out to rescue him. Going through four stages, he defeats Mario, sending him falling to his doom while catching his father as he falls.

Cut from the NES version is a scene where Donkey Kong gets angry at Mario (who survived his fall, presumably with an extra life) and knocks him into the distance. Mario is forced to retreat.


The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, except, as Donkey Kong Jr. is the protagonist, he can climb vines. He can reach out his arm while holding a vine and even hold onto two vines. He climbs up faster on two vines, and climbs down faster on one vine. If he grabs a fruit, it will fall and kill any enemy it touches. The object of this game is to get to the top, and each stage ends when Donkey Kong Jr. reaches the platform near Donkey Kong. If he touches an enemy or falls a great distance, he loses a life.




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  • Donkey Kong is the prequel. Donkey Kong and Mario both return.

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  • This is the only game where Mario is the main villain