Donkey Kong is an arcade game, which marks the first appearances of Mario and Donkey Kong. It was later released for the NES, although in this version the second stage was cut out. It was followed by two sequels; Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong 3.


The evil ape, Donkey Kong, kidnaps Pauline. A plumber named Mario climbs up after him to rescue her, and eventually defeats him, sending him falling.


Mario does not run fast or jump high as he does in later games. He can climb ladders, and jump over barrels for points. If he falls a big enough distance, or touches an enemy, he will lose a life. When he runs out of lives, the game ends. The object of each stage is to climb to the top of each level. The stage ends when Mario reaches Pauline. Mario can defeat enemies by grabbing a Hammer (it and its theme being used for the spinoff crossover Super Smash Bros. series).



  • 25M
  • 50M (removed from NES version due to disk space issues)
  • 75M
  • 100M


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