Croco is a humanoid purple crocodile, and a thief. He appeared twice as a boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsEdit

When Mario entered Mushroom Kingdom, Croco stole Mallow's Frog Coin that he was going to use to buy his grandfather a Cricket Pie. Mario and Mallow chased Croco down Bandit's Way, until they eventually caught him. They fought him and defeated him, so he handed over the frog coin and ran off.

In Moleville Mines, when Mario jumped on a spring, he hit his head against the ceiling, knocking him out. Croco took this opportunity to steal all Mario's coins. Mario, Mallow, and Geno chased him down and fought him. Halfway through the battle he stole Mario's items, but Mario defeated him, so he gave back all the coins and items and ran off, leaving behind a bomb that Mario used to blow up a rock wall.

Afterward, Croco left his life of crime, and helped Mario along his way in Bowser's Keep by selling him items. After Smithy's defeat, Croco was last seen in Yo'ster Isle, losing a race to Yoshi.

Croco has a non-canon appearance in the credits parade, with a Crook, stealing from Bowser. Bowser chases after him, but later the stolen items, as well as Bowser's Koopa Clown Car, are stolen by Booster and his snifits.


In the first battle, Croco has 320 HP. His ATK and DEF are both 25, his magic ATK is 30, and his magic DEF is 18. Using a flame attack on Croco can sometimes set his tail on fire, and it will take him one turn to put it out (in which he can't attack). He uses a Weird Mushroom to heal. His Psychopath thought is "Gosh, I'm good!"

In the second battle, Croco has 750 HP, 52 ATK, 50 DEF, 27 magic attack, and 50 magic defense. His special attack is to throw a chomp at Mario or either of his two partners. Halfway through the battle he will steal Mario's items. Mario will regain all once Croco is defeated. His Psychopath thought is "Ohh, I'm good!"