Chef Torte is a Terrapin who works in Marrymore. He speaks with a German accent.

He and his apprentice baked a cake for Booster and Princess Peach's wedding, but when Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser crashed the wedding, Torte was angry that no one was going to eat his cake, and attacked them. After they did enough damage to the cake, it began to move. The apprentice noticed this but Torte didn't, until the cake came to life, and Torte and his apprentice ran. The cake was later defeated, and eaten by Booster.

Afterward, Torte and his apprentice began making another cake, making sure it wouldn't come to life this time.


Torte and his apprentice are both invincible, though their stats are listed at 100 HP, 50 DEF, and 27 magic defense. His attack power is 60 and his magic attack is 8. The only effective thing for the player to do is attack Bundt, the cake, until it comes to life and Torte and his apprentice run away.

His Psychopath thought is "Cake! Vatch zee cake!"