Bowyer is one of Smithy's lieutenants. He resembles a bow, and commands an army of Aeros. He sometimes shoots them (as they resemble arrows) at victims to paralyze them. He also has electric attacks, and is a boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

In the Forest Maze, Bowyer shot arrows at the inhabitants of Rose Town to paralyze them. Geno, a Star possessing a doll, went into the forest to stop him. Bowyer's Aeros brought him the second Star Piece. Geno told him to give it to him, and they fought. Bowyer was about to shoot an arrow at Geno, when Mario kicked the arrow away, and together he, Mallow, and Geno fought Bowyer. To counter the 3 on 1, Bowyer created three switches: A, Y, and X, and would shoot an arrow at one to block the corresponding move. Only one could be down at a time, but Mario, Mallow, and Geno defeated Bowyer and took the second Star Piece. When Geno explained the story of Star Road, the last Aero heard this and left to inform Smithy of this and of Bowyer's death.

Smithy later created several Machine Made that resembled grey versions of his lieutenants. Some of them resembled Bowyer, and fought a similar way to him, but were not much stronger than their originals.


Bowyer has 720 HP, 50 ATK, 40 DEF, 30 magic attack and 30 magic defense. This is the first battle that Geno participates in, and also the first time the player uses three characters in battle. He creates three switches: A, X, and Y, and shoots an arrow at one to disable it. A disables standard attacks, Y disables special attacks (that consume SP), and X disables items. He can not have more than one disabled at the same time, however. His magic attacks are electricity themed: Static E!, G'night, Bolt, and Lightning Orb.

His Psychopath thought is "What's with these folks? Nya! I'll stuff ya! NYA!"


  • Bowyer's name is similar to that of Bowser, though they do not resemble each other and are on opposite teams (given that Bowser, like Mario, is against the Smithy Gang).