Bowser is the king of the Koopas, and Mario's main archenemy. He is the most easily recognized Mario villain. He is always kidnapping Princess Peach and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and defeat Mario. Sometimes, however, Mario and Bowser must both face an even greater foe, and in some cases join forces to do so, usually until the world is saved from that enemy, and Bowser will usually return to his evil ways.

In battle, aside from RPG's, Bowser can usually never be directly attacked, except by fireballs, and must be defeated some other way. For instance, in Super Mario Bros. the axe must be cut to fall into the lava, and in Super Mario 64 he must be spun by the tail and thrown into a spike.

As indicated by the names of his children, Bowser's last name is Koopa.

Bowser is the leader of the Koopa Troop.


Super Mario universeEdit

Super Mario Bros.Edit

Bowser made his debut in Super Mario Bros., kidnapping Princess Peach and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He magically turned seven common enemies into Fake Bowsers, but Mario and Luigi defeated them all and fought Bowser in his castle in World 8. Like his clones, they cut the bridge he was standing on with an axe and sent him falling into the lava. It is unknown if he survived; if not, he was likely revived by the Koopalings, or maybe Kamek, or even Bowser Jr. (who doesn't appear for the first time until Super Mario Sunshine).


To defeat Bowser, the player must jump over Bowser (which is difficult, because he throws hammers like two of his previous clones) or run under him and grab the axe on the other side of the bridge to knock him into the lava. Bowser jumps up and down and shoots fireballs at Mario. The tall ones can be avoided by just standing and not jumping, the middle ones can be avoided by ducking or jumping (but will miss Mario if he is small), and the low ones can be defeated by jumping over them. Alternately, if Mario has fireballs, he can defeat Bowser by shooting him five times. The battles with the fake Bowsers are the same, except the first five do not throw hammers, and the arrangement of bricks or appearance of Podoboos (and, in one case, a fire chain) are different in each stage.

Super Mario Bros. 3Edit

Bowser is the main antagonist and final boss of this game. He sent his seven children, the Koopalings, to use their magic wands and turn the kings of seven worlds into various animals or enemies. Mario and Luigi defeated the Koopalings and turned them back, but while they were distracted Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and sent Mario a note saying he did. So the Mario Bros. entered Dark Land, an area full of fire and skulls, and eventually reached Bowser's castle. He fought Bowser and defeated him, tricking him into smashing a hole through the ground and falling to his doom. Of course, this was not the last Mario would see of Bowser.


To defeat Bowser, Mario has to avoid Bowser's fireballs and when Bowser jumps to stomp on Mario, Mario must move so that Bowser stomps and destroys some of the bricks. Mario has to do this until Bowser goes too far through the bricks and falls into the hole. Alternately, Mario can shoot Bowser with 30 fireballs or with some Hammers (if he has fireballs or is Hammer Mario). If either is used, Bowser will still physically fall and can be heard hitting the ground.

This game gives Bowser his more permanent look, though his color is slightly different in Super Mario World. This is also the last time Bowser's world is a place full of fire and skulls; in all future games that feature him as the main villain or final boss, his level is either a volcano or other type of lava world, just a castle (often full of lava), or else a dark area.

Super Mario WorldEdit

Bowser is the main antagonist and final boss of this game. He kidnapped Peach and tried to take over Dinosaur Land. The Koopalings imprisoned seven Yoshi eggs, but Mario and Luigi defeated them all and fought Bowser at the top of his castle in the Valley of Bowser. He eventually defeated him and sent him spiraling into the distance.


To defeat Bowser, Mario must take the Mecha-Koopas that Bowser threw at him and throw them up so that they hit Bowser (as he is flying around in his Koopa Clown Car). Mario will take damage if he touches the propeller blade of the clown car. After two hits, Bowser will fly off and then return (and Peach will give Mario a mushroom). He will send bowling balls after Mario. Mario must avoid these and damage him with the Mecha-Koopas again. After two more hits the third phase begins (again with Peach giving Mario a mushroom), where Bowser and his Koopa Clown Car bounce on the ground to try and crush Mario. He must be damaged the same way as before, and after two more hits he'll be defeated.

Super Mario 64Edit

Bowser returned to his evil ways in Super Mario 64 as the main villain and final boss. He kidnapped Princess Peach and the Toads, trapping them all inside the walls of Peach's Castle, while invading the worlds inside the portraits. Mario entered the worlds and collected the Stars that Bowser stole, restoring power to the castle. He fought Bowser three times. The first was in the Dark World, the second was in the Fire Sea, and the third was in the Sky. After Bowser was defeated for the third time, he vanished to watch the ending with his troops, and his evil plans were foiled once again, with the power of the Stars being restored to the castle and Peach and the Toads being released from the walls.


In the Dark World, Bowser stomps the ground to paralyze Mario. Mario must jump to avoid this. Bowser will also shoot a fireball at Mario. Mario must get behind Bowser, grab his tail, spin him around, and throw him into a spike bomb. This must be done once. If thrown over the edge, Bowser will come back up unharmed.

In the Fire Sea, Bowser stomps the ground to tilt the platform toward the lava. He also charges at Mario if Mario is a distance away. Mario must run to avoid this, and this is also the opportunity Mario needs to get behind Bowser, spin him by the tail, and throw him into a spike. If he is thrown into the lava, he will jump back up unharmed - in sharp contrast to his usual death by lava, though admittedly this lava does not kill Mario either (but damages him). Again, it takes one spike to defeat hm.

In the Sky, Bowser is the final boss. He pounds the ground to create damaging shockwaves that Mario must jump over. He also breathes fire at Mario, which can also be in the form of several fireballs. When the fireballs disappear, they may leave coins for Mario to heal. There are three blue fireballs among the red ones, and they chase after Mario. Bowser also charges at Mario in the same manner as in the Fire Sea. To defeat Bowser, Mario must spin him by the tail and throw him into a spike, like the previous two battles, except this time, it takes three spikes to defeat him. After the second hit, Bowser will collapse part of the arena so that the arena is in the shape of a star, and making it difficult to throw Bowser into the final spike.

Luigi's MansionEdit

Bowser is mentioned by Madame Clairvoya to have been "soundly defeated by Mario". She suggests after seeing him in her crystal ball that King Boo must have revived him, indicating that he was destroyed in a previous battle with Mario. Luigi fights what appears to be Bowser as the final boss, but is really King Boo in a Bowser costume.

Super Mario SunshineEdit

Bowser did return as the final boss in Super Mario Sunshine. His son, Bowser Jr., made his first appearance when, after being told by Bowser that Peach was his mother and that Mario was trying to steal her from them, he stole a magic brush from Professor E. Gadd and used it to turn into Shadow Mario, writing graffiti to frame Mario. Mario was assigned to clean up the graffiti, and chased Bowser Jr. down to Corona Mountain, where he found Bowser and Bowser Jr. in a giant floating hot tub with Peach on a giant rubber duck. Mario defeated Bowser by flipping over the hot tub, sending them all falling. Mario and Peach landed at Isle Delfino, while Bowser and Bowser Jr. watched from the middle of the ocean and Bowser confessed to Bowser Jr. that Peach wasn't his mother. Bowser Jr. had already guessed this and wants to fight Mario again when he's bigger. But they decided to rest for a while.


To defeat Bowser, Mario must use the Rocket Nozzle to get high up, then pound the ground on one of the five rocket symbols on the side of the hot tub. Bowser breathes fire at Mario in the direction he is running toward; the battle is easier if Mario tricks Bowser by running in the opposite direction as he intends to go. Bowser Jr. shoots Bullet Bills at Mario. The blue ones can be destroyed for an extra life. When a symbol is destroyed, it will crumble, and Mario must climb up. If he touches the water in the hot tub, he will take damage. Once all five symbols are destroyed, the battle is over.

Super Princess PeachEdit

Bowser is the final boss and main antagonist of this game.

Bowser stole the mysterious Vibe Scepter from Vibe Island. He then invaded Peach's Castle and kidnapped Mario, Luigi, and most of the Toads, but ironically, did not kidnap Peach, as she was going for a walk at the time. Upon her return, she found the remaining Toads affected by Bowser with the Vibe Scepter, and decided to go rescue Mario. Toadsworth gave her the umbrella, Perry, and, after rescuing Luigi and the other Toads, some of whom were guarded by Petey Piranha, Hoo the owl, King Boo, a Wiggler, Gooper Blooper, Blizzaurus the dragon, and Kamek (whom he assigned to guard Luigi). When Peach reached Bowser, he sent Army Hammer Bro, his general, after her, but she defeated him and fought Bowser. He became Giant Bowser, but was defeated, and knocked into the distance.


In the first phase of the battle, Bowser attacks by charging at Peach, and must be jumped over to avoid this. If he smashes into a statue of himself, it will leave a crystal, which Peach can use to restore her Vibe Meter. Bowser can also breathe fire, which Peach must avoid by ducking. He also shoots fireballs and sends shockwaves at Peach, who must jump to dodge them. He also throws hammers (as he did in Super Mario Bros., and at one point in Super Mario RPG). Bowser's weak point is his head, but it takes several hits to take off one of his five HP, though Peach's Rage attack is able to easily take off one HP. Bowser will use Rage when he is nearly defeated.

In the second phase, he is in giant form. When he pounds the ground with both arms, Bob-ombs fall, which Peach must pick up and throw to hit Bowser in the head. This must be timed correctly, but they will also explode on contact with the spike balls that Bowser can send falling. Bowser can also breathe fireballs, and can also breathe fire that is difficult to dodge. When he is nearly defeated, he will use Calm to try and restore his HP, which can be stopped if Peach uses Rage to pop the shield. After five hits, he will be defeated.

New Super Mario Bros.Edit

Bowser is not the main antagonist of this game (as this role is taken by his son, Bowser Jr.), but is the final boss along with Bowser Jr. When Bowser Jr. kidnapped Peach, Mario and Luigi went after him to rescue her. Bowser Jr. could not find a boss for the first castle, so Bowser fought the Mario Bros., but they hit a skull switch to destroy the bridge and send him falling into the lava, killing him and reducing him to bones.

He was later fought at the first castle in World 8, as Dry Bowser, but was defeated in a similar manner, falling a long distance rather than into lava, and shattered to pieces. Bowser Jr. placed the bones in a cauldron and revived Bowser, and together they fought the Mario Bros., but were defeated when Mario and Luigi, after fighting off Bowser Jr., sent Bowser falling over the edge by hitting the switch and collapsing the bridge. Both survived, though Bowser was knocked out, and was last seen being dragged away by his tail by Bowser Jr., who snarls at the audience.


To defeat Bowser in the first battle, Mario must jump over him or run under him and hit the skull switch. Bowser jumps and breathes fire, but as he is the first boss, is not hard at all.

In the final battle, Bowser shoots fireballs, sometimes blue and sometimes red at Mario, while fighting alongside Bowser Jr. (whose battle is the same as in the towers). Bowser is more easily defeated if Bowser Jr. is defeated first. To defeat Bowser, Mario must run under him when he jumps and hit the switch to knock him into the hole. He can also be defeated both times with fireballs.

For Dry Bowser's battle strategy, see his article.

New Super Mario Bros. 2Edit

Bowser is the main antagonist, sending the Koopalings to kidnap Peach. Mario defeated the Koopalings and then sent Bowser falling in his usual style. The Koopalings made him giant, but he knocked them away possibly into the lava (although they are seen in the credits and probably either missed it or had their Koopa Clown Car floating on it). Mario defeated Bowser by draining the lava in the room, sending him falling. Later the Koopalings tried to carry Bowser by his tail on the Koopa Clown Car, but it was unable to support their weight and fell, scattering them all.

Super Mario GalaxyEdit

Bowser is the final boss and main antagonist of this game.

Bowser stole several Power Stars and Grand Stars and then kidnapped Peach along with her entire castle. He got a large number of new minions for the Koopa Troop as well, including a replacement for Petey Piranha, named Dino Piranha. Mario fought Bowser three times, the third time finally defeating him for the Grand Star, knocking him into his sun. Bowser survived, though seriously weakened, and then the star exploded into a black hole, but it was destroyed by the Lumas. Bowser woke up at Peach's castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, his evil plans foiled... for now.


Bowser is fought three times. The first time is at Bowser's Star Reactor. Mario fights Bowser on a small planet. Bowser will jump into the air and pound the ground, trying to land on Mario, and also creating a shockwave that Mario must jump over after dodging Bowser's attack. After Bowser takes damage once, he will shoot fireballs at Mario. To damage Bowser, Mario must stand on a blue area as Bowser uses his jump attack, and get out of the way before he lands, causing him to smash through the blue tile and into the lava, setting his tail on fire. Mario must spin attack his tail, which will send him sliding across the planet on his shell. Mario must spin attack him to damage him. The third time Mario damages him, he must spin attack him twice to defeat him.

In Bowser's Dark Matter Plant, the fight is similar to last time, and he is damaged in the same way. He also has a spin attack, and can shoot several fireballs in a circular motion that goes across the planet.

In Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, the final battle, there are three phases to the battle. In the first, Bowser uses the shockwave attack, and will also turn into a boulder and roll around in an attempt to crush Mario. Mario must spin attack his head to send him spinning across the planet, where he must then spin attack Bowser. After two hits, they move to another planet and the second phase begins. Bowser will attack with fireballs, and curl up in his shell to attack Mario. Mario must spin attack the green plants so that they hit Bowser and send him spinning across the planet on his shell, and then Mario must spin attack him. After two hits, the final phase begins, on another planet. This phase is similar to the previous two battles, where Mario must get him to stomp on the lava, attack his tail, then attack him as he slides around the planet on his back. Bowser uses several fireballs and shockwaves as his attacks. After Mario attacks him twice (once again having to spin attack him on his back twice instead of once), Bowser will be defeated and go flying into his sun.

Super Mario Galaxy 2Edit

Bowser is the main antagonist and final boss of this game, except unlike the previous game, he is in giant form all the time due to the power he received from more Power Stars he stole. Bowser kidnapped Peach and began more evil plans to make his own evil galaxy and destroy other galaxies. Mario fought him three times, and on the third time he sent him falling over the edge, but as Mario was about to get the last Grand Star, Bowser reappeared and ate it to become giant again. Falling through a vortex, Mario fought Bowser again and defeated him, getting the last Grand Star. He was last seen a lot smaller than usual, and Mario can jump on him during the credits.


Like in its predecessor, Bowser is fought three times. Each battle has him as Giant Bowser, though. In the first battle, in Bowser's Big Lava Power Party, on a small planet, Bowser shoots meteors at Mario. Mario must jump on the meteors, which lift off the ground (and which each have their own gravity), and stomp them so that they go flying and hit Bowser. Bowser also attacks by shooting fireballs at Mario. After three hits, Bowser will be defeated.

The second battle, in Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet, the battle, as well as the way of damaging him, is the same as before, except the meteors create a purple shockwave when they land, that must be jumped over. Bowser will also try to punch Mario, and shoots fireballs.

In the third and final battle, at Bowser's Fortified Fortress, the battle is still quite similar to before, as is the way of damaging him. Whenever he tries to punch Mario, when his fist hits the planet it will shoot six shockwaves that Mario must jump over. After three hits, Bowser will seemingly be defeated, but as Mario tries to get the last Grand Star, Bowser will reappear and eat it to become giant again, and then fall through a galactic spiral. This phase is much easier than the previous one; Mario must get onto a meteor as it appears, and stomp on them to send them flying and hit Bowser. This is easier if Bowser is closer, but even if Mario does not hit Bowser before he reaches him, he can still avoid Bowser as he tries to punch him. While he is spinning toward Mario, however, he is invincible. After four hits, Bowser will be defeated for good.

Super Mario 3D Land Bowser is the main antagonist, and kidnaps Peach. Mario fights against him and defeats him by knocking him into the lava. While Mario was distracted with Bowser's skeletal clone, Dry Bowser, kidnapping Luigi, Bowser was revived and kidnapped Peach again. Mario defeated him once more, sending him falling into the lava again.

Super Mario 3D WorldEdit

Bowser is the main antagonist and captures the Sprixie Princesses, but Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Blue Toad defeat him, hitting a Pow Block he was standing on and destroying him.

New Super Mario Bros. UEdit

Again, Bowser is the main antagonist. He kidnaps Peach again, but is defeated by Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad. In the end credits scene, he jumps on Bowser Jr.'s airship, causing it to crash. He grabs onto Bowser Jr.'s Koopa Clown Car as it flies away, while the Koopalings grab his tail (Lemmy directly doing so while the others hold the tail of the Koopaling in front of him or her).

New Super Mario Bros. WiiEdit

Bowser is the final boss and main antagonist of this game. He sent the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. to kidnap Peach. Bowser Jr. kept her on his airship while the Koopalings waited in their towers for Mario, Luigi, and two Toads to come and stop them. After all the Koopalings, Bowser Jr., and Kamek were defeated, Mario, Luigi, and the Toads faced Bowser. After he was sent falling into the lava, he was turned into Giant Bowser by Kamek. As Bowser reappeared, he accidentally knocked Kamek off his broomstick, presumably into the lava, and then chased after Mario and the others, but they hit a switch to drain the lava and send him falling. Bowser survived, though was his regular size and flipped on his back. Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings set him back upright, but suddenly his castle fell over on top of them all.


Bowser attacks by shooting fireballs at Mario. He can shoot several fireballs at once, or sometimes one fireball. When he jumps, Mario must run under him and hit the switch to knock him into the lava. The second phase is more of a chase scene; Kamek will make him giant, and he will chase after Mario. In many parts of this Mario must wait until Bowser's fireball blasts through the wall before advancing further. Mario must be careful not to fall into the lava or get hit by the lava waves Bowser sometimes sends his way. The Propeller Mushroom (which can be found if Mario is not small) makes this easier. Once he reaches the end, Mario must hit the switch to send Bowser and the lava falling and defeat him for good.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandEdit

Set in the past, Bowser appeared as Baby Bowser, who commands the main antagonist, Kamek, although is not involved in his plan, and is the final boss but was beaten by Yoshi.

Yoshi's Island DSEdit

Bowser traveled into the past with Kamek, shortly after the events of Super Mario World 2. He was searching for the seven Star Children that would give him the power he needed to rule the world, so he had Kamek kidnap babies all over the world. Kamek even kidnapped Baby Bowser, who got into a fight with his older self and was kicked out when Bowser breathed fire at him.

With help from Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, and Baby Wario, Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, and Bowser attacked him as revenge for beating up his younger self, but Yoshi, along with Pink Yoshi (with Baby Peach riding it), Yellow Yoshi (with Baby DK riding him), and Purple Yoshi (with Baby Wario riding him), defeated Bowser, knocking him out. He was taken away by Kamek afterward, and remained oblivious to the fact that his younger self, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby DK, and Baby Wario, as well as a newborn Yoshi, were the seven Star Children.


Bowser is the final boss of Yoshi's Island DS, fought after Baby Bowser. He attacks by jumping, walking around, and breathing fire. He can also take the eggs and use them. To defeat him Yoshi must get the egg first and hit Bowser in the head with them. He takes three hits.

The next phase will begin afterward, in which Bowser becomes Giant Bowser. All four Yoshis, each with one of the four babies, will fight him. The Yoshis must get four eggs and shoot them at Bowser's head at once, so that they all collide on it. This is best done with all Yoshis close to each other while on the ramp. Bowser takes six hits. He attacks by sending boulders falling at the Yoshis, and also by shooting fireballs at them. His attacks get stronger as he takes damage.

Mario & Luigi universeEdit

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsEdit

For the first time, Bowser appears not as the main antagonist, and also for the first time (excluding the prequel when they were babies, ironically to fight his future self) joins forces with Mario. He attacks with attack items like a Chain Chomp and a Spiked Link.

Bowser kidnapped Peach but was defeated by Mario. Then, the sword Exor of the Smithy Gang crashed through Bowser's keep and sent him, Mario, and Peach flying. Bowser narrowly missed encounters with Mario on two occasions, as he was on a quest with his minions to regain his keep, however, many of them deserted him out of fear of fighting Smithy. At Booster Tower, Bowser decided to join forces with Mario (telling him, Mallow, and Geno that they were now in the Koopa Troop, and viewing it as them helping him get his castle back from Smithy). Together, the four traveled through different lands to get the seven Star Pieces, and Peach joined their team along the way. After defeating various enemies, some of them Smithy's henchmen, they reached Exor in Bowser's Keep. After they defeated him and entered the Factory through his mouth, Bowser decided to leave the others, since he had taken his castle back, but Geno reminded him that his conflict with Smithy would never end until Smithy was defeated.

Making their way through the factory and fighting Smithy's minions, with Bowser in particular confronting Smithy's Manager, they finally reached Smithy, and defeated him after a long battle. With Smithy destroyed, Bowser terminated his alliance with Mario, although was not able to cause any more trouble until he and his minions rebuilt his castle.


Bowser is the first boss of the game. Rather than attacking him, Mario should attack the Kinklink to break the chandelier and send him falling. After the battle, during a cutscene Bowser throws hammers, and this is one of the three times he does so (the first being in Super Mario Bros.).

Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaEdit

Bowser has very little time in this game as himself, as for one half he has amnesia, and the other, he is possessed.

When the evil Cackletta tried to steal Peach's voice, she instead stole that of a Birdo disguised as Peach. The Mario Bros. were called in to help, but before the truth could be revealed to them, Bowser attacked and attempted to kidnap Peach. Mario defeated him, and realizing that if he kidnapped Peach while her voice was replaced with explosive vocabulary, it would destroy his castle, he decided to help Mario get her voice back. He took Luigi aboard the Koopa Cruiser, believing that he wanted to join the Koopa Troop. In the Mario & Luigi series, Bowser seems to forget Luigi's name often, calling him "Green Stache". When Cackletta's servant Fawful attacked, he hit Bowser with an energy ball, injuring him and making him and Bowser quick enemies. Bowser gave Mario and Luigi hints for defeating Fawful (referring to Fawful as a nut). After being defeated, Fawful shot down the Koopa Cruiser, and they landed in Stardust Plains. Bowser got stuck in a cannon, and later one of the Starshade Bros. set it off, causing Bowser to hit his head and forget who he was.

He was found by Popple, the Shadow Thief, who took him as his assistant, whom he always called "Rookie". While they encountered the Mario Bros. in Chucklehuck Woods, they quickly recognized him, and some part of him remembered fighting them, and he found he was able to breathe fire. After being defeated, they left, but were captured by Bubbles for trying to steal his Chuckola Reserve, and later knocked into the distance by his monster, Chuckolator. They fought the Mario Bros. again at Woohoo Hooniversity while trying to steal the Beanstar, but were defeated again. They held onto the Beanstar as it went insane from the Birdo's voice, and eventually they all fell off before it broke into four. Rookie was the last to fall, and remembered who he was before falling and getting knocked out in Stardust Fields. Fawful, who had Cackletta's soul inside his vacuum helmet, found Bowser lying unconscious, and, once Cackletta made it clear that any body would do for her, implanted her soul inside him, causing her to possess him as Bowletta.

After Mario and Luigi defeated Cackletta's soul inside Bowser, she was destroyed, turning Bowser back to normal. Unfortunately for him, he did not wake up until seconds before his castle exploded due to Prince Peasley setting up explosives inside it. He fell into Oho Ocean (after literally smashing into the TV screen), from which he was rescued by Prince Peasley, wrapped in a box as a present for the Mario Bros., who then dropped him off at one of his other castles, where many of his henchmen were waiting for him.


Bowser is the first boss of the game, and is more of a tutorial battle in which the player learns how to attack and how to dodge attacks (in this case, Bowser's fireballs). Bowser is defeated after not much HP is taken off.

For strategies on beating Rookie and Bowletta, see their articles.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeEdit

Bowser has a very minor role in this game, aside from that of his past self, Baby Bowser, as secondary antagonist. Baby Bowser was attempting to kidnap Baby Peach, and was defeated by Mario, indicating that Super Mario Bros. was not his first fight with Bowser (but maybe their first fight after the time in which they were babies). The adult Bowser appeared after Mario and Luigi seemingly rescued Princess Peach (really Princess Shroob in disguise). Believing her to be Peach, he kidnapped her, but fell through the floor and into a time hole leading to Thwomp Volcano, where he met Baby Bowser and got in a fight with him, before they decided that they had much in common, and joined forces to fight the Mario Bros. in a similar style to the way Mario and Luigi fight with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Once they were defeated, the Thwomp elevator sent them both flying. Comically, Baby Bowser said he was "going to become even bigger and eviler than Bowser someday" (unaware that he and Bowser are one and the same), and Bowser was sent falling into a time hole.

Bowser reappeared in Peach's Castle after the defeat of Elder Princess Shroob, and was knocked out from the fall. Baby Mario tried to wake him up, but suddenly Elder Princess Shroob (now a mushroom) entered Bowser's mouth and transformed him into Shrowser. He retained his original mind, with Elder Princess Shroob above him in spirit form, and fought the Mario Bros. He gave them no chances to attack, and shot fireballs at them. The Mario Bros. avoided these fireballs and hit them back at Bowser. The ones they hit at Bowser he hit back at Elder Princess Shroob (unaware of her presence), and the ones they avoided hit Elder Princess Shroob, until the evil Shroob princess was destroyed, and Bowser lost all the power he received.


In the first battle, he has 1200 HP, while Baby Bowser has 1000. Bowser attacks by stomping the ground to create shockwaves, which must be jumped over. He also shoots fireballs when Baby Bowser pounds him. Mario and Luigi must jump over these fireballs when Baby Bowser hits him. He also breathes fire, which must be jumped over the minute he starts to breathe fire.

In the second battle, as Shrowser, the battle is more like a minigame; his fireballs must be jumped over or hit with a hammer, which will cause them to hit Elder Princess Shroob. The big fireballs do 2 damage to him while the small ones do 1. It takes 20 hits to defeat him.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryEdit

For a more detailed decsription of his adventure, visit the game's page.

Bowser attacked Peach's castle, but was defeated by Mario and kicked out by Peach. After which Fawful sold Bowser a Vacuum Shroom causing him to inhale Mario, Luigi, Peach, and many Toads. Bowser spent most of the game fighting Fawful and his forces while the Mario Bros. powered him up from the inside. In the end, Bowser defeated Fawful and destroyed the Dark Star in the form of his dark doppelganger, Dark Bowser, who intended to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom (which Bowser didn't want because he wanted to rule the Mushroom Kingdom himself).

When Fawful selfdestructed, Mario, Luigi, and the others were forced out of Bowser. Enraged that the Mario Bros. were inside him, Bowser fought them, but was defeated and put in the hospital.


Bowser is fought twice by the Mario Bros; the first time being a tutorial, similar to Superstar Saga (and again only Mario fights him), and the second time as an actual boss.

In the second battle, Bowser has 1215 HP, and gives 1000 XP and 500 coins once defeated. Bowser attacks by punching the Mario Bros., which must be jumped over, but if he trips, it can only be avoided by standing still. He also uses his Goomba Storm attack. Goombas he does not set on fire must be jumped over, and ones he does set on fire must be hammered away before they land on the Mario Bros. He also uses his Shy Guy Squad, which must be hammered away enough times by the Mario Bros. Lastly, Bowser can breathe fire, which is avoidable only if Mario and Luigi grab onto Starlow as she circles them and lifts them away from Bowser's flames.

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

When Bowser heard that Antasma kidnapped Peach, he was furious and confronted him in Dream's Deep, but Antasma convinced Bowser to join forces with him. Together they obtained the Dreamstone, and used it to wish for Neo Bowser Castle. Bowser kidnapped Peach, and was defeated as Giant Bowser in the dream world. After which, quite unexpectedly, Bowser betrayed Antasma and left him to be killed by the Mario Bros. Bowser attempted to use the Dreamstone to destroy them, but the Dreamstone was destroyed by Peach and Starlow. Bowser inhaled its dust to transform into a rainbow form, but Mario and Luigi defeated him, sending him flying into the distance.

Bowser survived and was last seen flying his Koopa Clown Car with Kamek, Goomp, Guy, and Paraplonk, remembering Luigi's name before Goomp and Guy caused the Koopa Clown Car to fall into the ocean while trying to catch coins raining down.

Mario & Luigi: Paper JamEdit

Bowser is the main antagonist alongside Paper Bowser, who appeared from the Paper Mario universe. Together, the Bowsers fought Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario, but were defeated. At the end of the game, Bowser returns to fight the Mario Bros. one more time; As the game ends with them about to fight him, his fate is unclear.

Paper Mario universeEdit

Paper MarioEdit

Bowser is the main antagonist and final boss of this game.

Bowser stole the Star Rod from Star Haven and imprisoned all seven Star Spirits inside cards, and assigned the Koopa Bros., Tutankoopa, Tubba Blubba, General Guy, Lava Piranha, Huff N. Puff, and the Crystal King to guard them. He also used the Star Rod to turn an ordinary Goomba into a king because he begged him (although he didn't make him much stronger, much to both his and Bowser's dismay) and pulled out Tubba Blubba's heart to make him invincible. Afterward, he set about conquering the Mushroom Kingdom, and set one of his castles underneath Peach's castle and lifted it into the sky. Bowser used the Star Rod to become invincible and defeat Mario. He then struck Mario with lightning and sent him flying out the window, but the Star Spirits helped him to survive long enough for the family of Goombas to take him to the Toad House to heal. Bowser, meanwhile, locked up all the Toads and kept Peach in her room (though she often snuck out through a secret passage that Bowser was thoroughly unaware of).

When Mario defeated Tubba Blubba, Bowser got angry at Mario figuring out his invincible servant's secret weakness, and decided to find his weak point and humiliate him. When he saw Peach, he asked her Mario's weaknesses, but (depending on what the player chooses her to say, as is the most likely option for them to pick) she told him he hated mushrooms, Thunder Rages, and Super Sodas, and Bowser, falling for this trick, ordered Kammy Koopa (who suspected this but was not willing to question Bowser's orders) to put them where Mario couldn't avoid them.

After Mario rescued the seventh Star Spirit, Bowser set up an arena for Mario's defeat and ordered Peach tied up. The Star Kid, Twink, tried to stop him, but Bowser knocked him out the window. Mario fought Bowser in Peach's castle, using Star Beam to counter the Star Rod's power whenever he became invincible. Mario easily defeated Bowser, but he retreated to his machine, which powered him up. When he became invincible again, the Star Beam didn't affect him, but Twink returned and defeated Kammy Koopa before he and Peach powered up the Star Beam into Peach Beam, which was able to stop Bowser's immortality, and after a long battle, Mario defeated Bowser and took the Star Rod back. The intensity of the battle caused the machine and castle to explode, sending Bowser and Kammy Koopa flying into the distance, but Mario, Peach, and the prisoners were all protected by the Star Spirits.

Though the Star Spirits speak as if Bowser survived ("I hope he behaves himself from now on"), the events of Luigi's Mansion seem to prove otherwise; however, it is possible that the defeat that was mentioned took place offscreen and not in any game.


Bowser is fought three times. The first time is an unwinnable story battle. He has an attack power of 1 and a defense of 0, and Mario can only jump on him. However, Bowser uses the Star Rod to become invincible on his third turn, and raises his attack power to 3. Mario cannot damage Bowser, and when he has 2 HP left, Bowser will defeat him by breathing fire for 10 damage.

The second time, he has 50 HP, and his defense is 1. He attacks by slashing with his claw for 6 damage (can also poison Mario unless he blocks with A), uses the Star Rod to create a shockwave to damage Mario (for 4 damage) and his partner (for three turns), breathes fire for 8 damage, and can become invincible with the Star Rod. He can also use the Star Rod to heal for 20 HP, and can do so twice during the battle. The Star Beam should be used whenever he becomes invincible, as it will make him vulnerable again. This battle is easier than the battle with the Crystal King.

The final time Bowser is fought, as the final boss, he has 99 HP, although since he can heal for 30 HP three times with the Star Rod, making his HP more accurate to 189. His attack power is increased by 2, as his fire attack does 10 damage and his claw attack does 8. His shockwave attack power increases to 6, and he gains two new attacks; Jumping on Mario for 8 damage (can take away one of his abilities temporarily, unless guarded with A), and striking Mario with lightning for 10 damage. His defense power has also increased to 2. On his second turn he will become invincible, in which Mario can't even make him vulnerable anymore. This will trigger an unloseable battle between Twink and Kammy Koopa, after which Mario is restored to full health (though Bowser isn't) and his Star Beam is upgraded to Peach Beam, which should be used once the battle resumes and whenever he becomes invincible afterwards. This battle is impossible or else very difficult to win without enough healing items, or at least using Smooch to heal Mario, as Bowser's HP greatly exceeds that of Mario (whose maximum HP in this game is 50), and Mario's attack to do 10 damage (Mega Smash) uses 6 FP. Ultra Shrooms, Jammin' Jellies, and Whacka's Bumps are helpful in this battle.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

Bowser is not the antagonist in this game, but nor does he join forces with Mario. Instead, he is out searching for Princess Peach and the Crystal Stars, but is always one step behind Mario. The player controls him after each chapter, and the end of each even chapter is a Super Mario Bros. style stage.

Bowser received word from Kammy Koopa that Mario was in Rogueport looking for Crystal Stars. Bowser decided to find them so he could use them to conquer the world. A Magikoopa (possibly Kamek) informed Bowser that Grodus kidnapped Peach. Bowser was furious that anyone besides him would do such a thing, and set out to kidnap her back. After Chapter r, Bowser went to Petalburg, stomping Goombas and X-Nauts in the process, and thought he saw Peach in the window, only to find it was a life-sized poster belonging to a Koopa that was obsessed with Peach.

During Chapter 3, Bowser snuck into Glitzville and fought Mario after the Rank 7 battle, but Mario defeated him. After the chapter was over, Bowser went to the Great Tree in search of the Emerald Star, and was disappointed to find that the Puni Elder gave it to Mario. After Chapter 4, Bowser tried to sneak into Glitzville again, but his Koopa Clown Car stalled and fell into the ocean, where he swallowed a Blooper before returning to Rogueport, and was frustrated with Kammy Koopa because she had a good time in Glitzville. After Chapter 5, Bowser went to Twilight Town for information on the Crystal Stars. He confronted Lord Crump, the general of Grodus's X-Nauts, who summoned his X-Naut Legion. Bowser and Kammy Koopa summoned an army of Koopatrols, Hammer Bros., and Magikoopas. Crump threw the Superbombomb (which he was supposed to use on Mario) at Bowser, but it didn't go off, as it broke when Beldam dropped it. Bowser breathed fire at it, setting it off and defeating both armies. Presumably, only Bowser, Kammy Koopa, and Crump survived.

After Chapter 6, Bowser's forces discovered a secret passage. Bowser broke through it and followed it to Rawk Hawk's secret training room, where he saw the fake Crystal Star on his belt and thought it was the real Gold Star. Rawk Hawk confronted him, but was flattened by Bowser, who soon realized the Crystal Star on his belt to be a fake. After Chapter 7, Bowser entered Poshley Sanctum and fell for the fake Garnet Star on the pedestal. When Pennington said he gave the real Crystal Star to Luigi, Bowser thought he was actually referring to Luigi (when in reality Pennington thought Mario's name was Luigi) and could not believe that Luigi could've beaten him to it. Then, a Paragoomba informed Bowser that Mario was heading for the Thousand-Year Door, so Bowser left with Kammy Koopa and Paragoomba to defeat Mario.

Just as Grodus was about to defeat Mario, Bowser's weight caused him to fall through the floor and land on Grodus. Noticing Princess Peach, he decided to defeat Mario and kidnap Peach, but Mario defeated him and Kammy Koopa, leaving them both knocked out. They were not seen again in the entire game.


Bowser is fought twice, both directly after a battle with no chances of healing in between.

In the first battle, at the Glitz Pit, Bowser attacks Mario after he reaches Rank 7. He has 30 HP, a defense of 1, and an attack power of 3. He attacks by biting Mario to poison him, breathing fire (which also hits Mario's partner), and jumping on Mario or his partner which can take away one of their abilities for a few turns if not guarded against. Koops, Flurrie, and Yoshi can do decent damage to him, but only if Yoshi uses Gulp, and Koops can be flipped over by Bowser's jump. Mario may also be weakened from the previous battle, but unlike most battles in the Glitz Pit, this fight has no fight conditions.

In the Palace of Shadow, he is fought directly after Grodus, so the only way to be in full health for the battle is to level off Grodus by going into the battle with about 80 Star Points or more. He has 70 HP, a defense of 2, and an attack of 7, while his partner, Kammy Koopa, has 50 HP, an attack of 5, and a defense of 0. Bowser has the same attacks as he did before, with the same effect, except the amount of damage (which is 7, as previously mentioned). Mario should defeat Kammy Koopa first, as she can heal Bowser or power him up (she can also use these effects on herself). Hammer attacks do more damage to Bowser than jump attacks due to his defense.

Paper Mario: Sticker StarEdit

Bowser returned as antagonist and tried to steal the Sticker Comet. When three Toads tried to pull him away by his tail, he accidentally fell foward into the Sticker Comet, shattering it and scattering its pieces along with the Royal Stickers. One fell on Bowser's head like a crown, turning him sparkly and giving him more power. Bowser sent Bowser Jr. and Kamek, among other minions, after Mario as he set out to recover the Royal Stickers.

Eventually Mario fought Bowser at his castle and defeated him, knocking him over the edge. He returned in a giant cardboard form, but after Kersti sacrificed herself to power Mario up, Mario defeated him. He was flattened and released from the Royal Sticker's power, and later returned to try to steal the Sticker Comet again. Kersti, revived by Mario's wish, scolded him for it.

Mario & Luigi: Paper JamEdit

Bowser crossed over to the Mario & Luigi universe through the book containing the Paper Mario universe, and teamed up with his Mario & Luigi counterpart to try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Paper Bowser absorbed his remaining minions to transform into a giant suit of armor for the other Bowser, but both were defeated, and Paper Bowser was sent back to the Paper Mario universe.

Super Paper MarioEdit

Bowser is one of the four protagonists and playable characters in this game. Bowser is a bit slower than the other characters. He can breathe fire by pressing down on the control pad. He has double the attack power of Mario, Luigi, and Peach, which makes him deadly when he uses Thudley to attack. The final boss can easily be defeated this way.

Bowser was just making plans to kidnap Peach when Mario and Luigi arrived, having thought him to already have kidnapped Peach. The true kidnapper was Count Bleck, who then captured Bowser as well, along with Luigi and Bowser's army. Bleck then forced Bowser and Peach to get married (although Bowser really didn't need much forcing, as he wanted to marry Peach) to create the Chaos Heart, which opened up The Void to destroy all worlds. Luigi tried to stop him, attacking Bowser and the Chaos Heart, but it caused an explosion that nearly killed everyone.

Bowser was presumably teleported to the Bitlands by Bleck's minion, Dimentio (who wanted the four heroes and Pure Hearts together so they could help him defeat Count Bleck so he could take over and rule all worlds). There, he made an evil lair with many of his minions whom Dimentio also sent there. His lair was blown up by Mario, wiping out most of his minions. Bowser fought Mario 1 on 1, but was defeated. Peach asked him to join forces with them. Bowser refused until it became clear that Bleck only got them married to destroy all worlds, and that if the worlds were destroyed, he could not rule the Mushroom Kingdom someday, and his minions served under a different evil ruler. He was then realized to be the third hero of the prophecy (the first two being Mario and Peach, and the fourth being Luigi).

Together, they traveled through different dimensions, fighting enemies such as Bleck's minions, and collecting Pure Hearts. The seventh Pure Heart they got was damaged from its world being destroyed by The Void. When Mario, Peach, and Bowser returned to Merlon, Dimentio appeared, trapped the three of them inside an energy box, and blew it up, killing all three of them. However, this was only temproary; though sent to The Underwhere, they were still very much alive. Bowser went on a rampage and was mistaken for an evil monster that escaped from its imprisonment and locked in a room by three D-Men. Mario and Luigi entered the room and he attacked them, believing that they betrayed him, but after they defeated him the truth was revealed to him, and he rejoined their team (like Peach, Bowser rejoins in a similar way to the first time).

Traveling through The Overthere, they reunited with Peach, destroyed Bonechill, and got the eighth Pure Heart. They entered Castle Bleck. Even now, Bowser's intent was still so he could rule the world himself. Eventually they encountered Bleck's minion, O'Chunks, for the fourth (or third, in Bowser's case) time. Bowser fought him one on one and defeated him. The ceiling began to fall, but O'Chunks held it up to save them. Bowser suddenly held up the ceiling with him, telling Mario, Luigi, Peach, and O'Chunks to get into the next room. All left but O'Chunks, and he and Bowser each tried to get the other to go to safety, but both were seemingly crushed once unable to hold the ceiling up any longer; however, Bowser fell through the floor (as he had done many times before), along with O'Chunks, and thus both survived. Later, when Peach and Mimi fell to a supposed death, they landed on Bowser (which Peach described as a surprisingly soft landing). They found Luigi unconscious after a battle with Dimentio, and together Bowser, Peach, and Luigi reunited with Mario during his fight with Bleck.

With four heroes and eight Pure Hearts, Bleck's barrier was destroyed, and Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi defeated him. Dimentio, believed to be dead, reappeared and combined with Luigi and the Chaos Heart into Super Dimentio so that he could destroy all worlds and create new ones of which he would be the king. Bowser, Mario, and Peach were unable to do anything to him until the Pure Hearts were restored by Tippi, Bleck, Mimi, and O'Chunks, and Tippi used them to make Super Dimentio vulnerable again, and together Mario, Peach, and Bowser defeated him. Though he was vanquished, and Luigi released unharmed, he left a shadow of his power behind to control the Chaos Heart and ensure the end of every world. Bowser, along with Mario, Peach, Luigi, O'Chunks, and Mimi, witnessed Tippi and Bleck's marriage at the altar to destroy the Chaos Heart and The Void.

Strangely enough, Bowser did not turn on Mario and try to kidnap Peach after Dimentio was defeated and all worlds saved; he returned to Flipside with the others, and after eating some snacks with everyone, Bowser returned to the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario, Peach, and Luigi. After a very long time, the four of them returned to Flipside. Bowser continued to travel with them in "endless play mode". Bowser's only being evil while possessed by black paint in Color Splash suggests that his redemption is final and Sticker Star and Paper Jam are chronologically first.


Bowser is fought twice, each shortly before joining Mario's party. The first time is in the Bitlands. He has 20 HP and an attack power of 2. He attacks by jumping and by breathing fire. Mario must use Boomer on Bowser to damage him. Unlike in other RPG's (where the characters battling take turns to attack), Bowser is considered spiked due to his shell and cannot be jumped on (though when the player controls Bowser, he can be jumped on by enemies and is not considered spikde).

In the second battle on Underwhere Road, Bowser has an attack power of 8, 80 HP, and a defense of 2. He has similar attacks to last time, but also can charge at Mario or Luigi (will be referred to as "the player" for the rest of the strategy). The player can damage him with Boomer, Cudge, items, or by using Carrie to jump on him.

Paper Mario: Color SplashEdit

Bowser played around in Prisma Fountain, inadvertently mixing the paint so it turned into black paint, which possessed Bowser. With the Koopalings and Kamek at his side, Bowser intended to use Banzai Bills full of black paint to paint the world black, but was defeated by Mario, destroying all the black paint on him.

Bowser survived and was last seen flying his airship with the Koopalings. Peach hopes he learned his lesson this time, although the entire time he was the villain in this game he was possessed.