Bowletta is the form that Cackletta assumed when possessing Bowser after her body was destroyed. She is in this form for roughly half the game.

Once Cackletta possessed Bowser and became Bowletta, she kidnapped Princess Peach from Little Fungitown in Bowser's Koopa Clown Car so that she could use her voice to awaken the Beanstar, and demanded that Mario and Luigi put the broken Beanstar back together and give it to her at Joke's End in return for Peach. However, they suspected a trick, as Bowletta needed both Peach and the Beanstar, so first they tried tricking her and her servant Fawful with a fake Beanstar, and when that didn't work, Luigi disguised as Peach to make her think she kidnapped a fake. Bowletta and Fawful took him aboard the Koopa Cruiser, and he escaped with the Beanstar. Furious that she had been outsmarted again, she went to Mushroom Kingdom and flew Bowser's Castle over to the Beanbean Kingdom to destroy it.

When the Mario Bros. arrived, Bowletta sent the Koopalings and Fawful after them, but all were defeated before the Mario Bros. fought Bowletta. After Fawful, she was easy, but was only faking defeat so she could blow them up with a Time Bob-omb and inhale them. They survived, and fought Cackletta's soul in her stomach. When she was defeated, as Bowletta she coughed up Mario and Luigi before Cackletta's soul left Bowser and was destroyed, returning Bowser to normal.

Queen Bean was unsure of Bowletta's gender, often calling her "it".


Bowletta is much easier than Fawful, although her attacks may take some getting used to, and is still a dangerous enemy. She has 500 HP. She attacks by breathing fire, which must be jumped over right when she is about to fire. She also summons enemies like Flarets that she can either send at the Mario Bros. or absorb to heal her (these are destroyed whenever she breathes fire). She can also transform into Dark Bowletta and send meteor stars, which Mario must deflect the orange ones and Luigi must deflect the green ones with their hammers so they hit her. The time bomb she inevitably uses on them at the end of the battle will bring them down to 1 HP, so they must recover at the beginning of the battle with Cackletta's soul.