Belome is a beast that lives in the Kero Sewers , as well as the Belome Temple. He is always hungry, and is trying to get food by eating anyone he runs into. He is fought as a boss twice in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

When Mario and Mallow made their way through Kero Sewers to Tadpole Pond, they ran into Belome, who fought them, often trying to eat them. They defeated him, but he said that the place was going to flood, and teleported away. Afterward, the sewers did indeed flood, sending Mario and Mallow to Midas River.

Later, Mario, Mallow, and their partners, Geno, Bowser, and Princess Peach entered a tunnel at Land's End on their way to Monstro Town in search of the sixth Star Piece, and entered his temple, where they eventually fought him again. This time he created clones of Mario and the gang to assist him in battle, but all of them were defeated. The clones were destroyed while Belome warped away to find a snack. He has not been seen since.


In the first battle, in Kero Sewers, Belome has 500 HP, 30 ATK, 25 DEF, 15 magic attack and 20 magic defense. He uses the magic attacks S'crow Funk to turn Mario or Mallow into a scarecrow (which can be countered with Trueform Pin), and also Sleep Sauce to put Mario or Mallow to sleep. He eats Mallow during the battle, but by attacking Belome continuously Mario can rescue him.

  • His Psychopath thought is "I just... wanna sleep."

In the second battle, at Belome Temple, he has 1200 HP, 120 ATK, 80 DEF, 20 magic attack and 40 magic defense. This time he uses Aurora Flash, Light Beam, and Lulla-Bye, all of which can put the entire party to sleep. This can be countered if Princess Peach has the Safety Badge (obtained from beating the optional boss Hidon in the Sunken Ship), making her immune to all status ailments, and her healing techniques will negate negative status effects on Mario and the other partner as well. Belome can also eat a character, spit him/her out, and create a clone of them. Even after Belome is defeated (though he is not destroyed), the clones will still attack and they must be defeated as well to end the battle.

  • His Psychopath thought in this battle is "Gotta yummy in my tummy!"